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Victoria Husselbee

Born on the 8th June 1969 Victoria Husselbee was raised in Buckinghamshire where She stayed for the first 6 months of his life. Later moving to Oxford with his Mum. Victoria Husselbee took politics at The University of Buckingham. Victoria has 2 sisters Anita and Ellie and a brother Owen. Victoria's auntie Kimberley Husselbee was a professional snooker player . Victoria has worked as a customer services manager for Investec for 4 years. In his free time Victoria enjoys listening to planet rock and singing for his band. Victoria's favourite colour is blue.

Victoria - About me

Well I like to go out as much as possible. I enjoy listening to planet rock and playing lead guitar in his band.
I am currently living in Oxford.

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Victoria Husselbee
Victoria Husselbee

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