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Sheila Lolo

Born on the 8th March 1965 Sheila Lolo was brought up in East Sussex where She stayed for the initial four years of his life. Later moving to Poole with his father. Sheila Lolo's focus area at The University of Stirling was history of art. Sheila Lolo's parents Terry and Sergio currently live in Blackburn. Sheila has 3 brothers Conrad, Baz and Eduardo. Sheila has an uncle called Earnest Lolo. Sheila is a designer at Sainsburys. When he is not working at Sainsburys Sheila enjoys traveling. Other interests include playing piano.

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Well I always like to go out as much as possible. I enjoy traveling and playing piano. I am living in Poole.

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Sheila Lolo
Sheila Lolo

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