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Sharon Kinnen

Born on 1976 Sharon Kinnen was brought up in Portsmouth, She moved to Hertford in 1992. Sharon's focus area at Leeds Metropolitan University was english and drama. Sharon's auntie Beryl Kinnen also lives in Hertford.
Sharon works as a IT advisor for Hargreaves Lansdown. Sharon is hoping to go on holiday to South America.

Sharon describes himself

My name is Sharon, I tend to be quite strong minded and very hard to please at times.
I am passionate about books. I am a writer and a reader, a wannabe chef and I love walking his dog.
I like to go slow and mull things over and will never accept something at face value. I am not easily freaked out and I have a psyche that likes to laugh. I am fun to know.

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Known members of the Kinnen family

Sharon Kinnen
Sharon Kinnen

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