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Sebastian Niessner

Manchester was home to Sebastian Niessner for the first four years of his life. Sebastian Niessner now lives with his family in Oxbridge. was Sebastian Niessner's specialised subject at Glasgow Caledonian University. Sebastian has three sisters Belinda, Jodii and Jeni. There is not a lot Sebastian Niessner enjoys more than . Sebastian is settled with his partner Racheal Niessner. They have been married since 1997. Sebastian's favourite band is Oasis. Sebastian has always supported Stoke City and goes to watch them reguarly. He can speak fluent German. Sebastian's favourite TV programme is .

Mr Niessner says

When I was a kid I was always last left on the bench at sports.
I am quite short and have brown eyes, I am 59 years of age.

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Sebastian Niessner
Sebastian Niessner

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