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Ryan Gehring

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Ryan Gehring

Born on the 1st November 1949 Ryan Gehring was raised in Bournemouth where he stayed for the initial 6 years of his life. Then moving to Rotherham with his parents. Ryan has 3 sisters Lizzy, Kiaya and Edna Gehring. Ryan's auntie Mia Gehring was a professional snooker player .
Ryan works as a marketing director for Investec. There is not a lot Ryan Gehring enjoys more than dancing. Ryan married his wife Erma Gehring in 2004. Ryan is a big Tottenham Hotspur fan. If he could be a animal Ryan would want to be a Sea Lion. Ryan can often be found at The Black Griffin in Rotherham.

My Profile - Ryan Gehring
Well I like to go away with friends. I enjoy dancing and playing badmington. I am from Rotherham.

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Ryan Gehring
Ryan Gehring

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