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Robyn Wilfort

Robyn Wilfort was born in Basildon in 1950, She moved to Blackpool in 1997. Robyn Wilfort's subject of choice at The University of Bradford was international development. Robyn has 3 brothers Charles, Adam and Jeffrey. Robyn's uncle Jeremy Wilfort also lives in Blackpool.

Robyn has worked for BT for 4 years. Robyn enjoys reading and playing drums in his free time. Robyn is settled with his husband Jeffrey Wilfort. They were married in 1992. If She could be a animal Robyn would want to be a Collared Peccary. Robyn can often be found at The Ark Royal in Blackpool.

Robyn - About me

Hi everyone I am Robyn Wilfort by name. I live in Blackpool , I am happily living with someone. I am 60 years of age. I work away alot and do not get as much time as I would like at home. My hobbies are reading and playing drums, also spending time with friends.

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Robyn Wilfort
Robyn Wilfort

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