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Robert Vreeland

Robert Vreeland was born in Hertford in 1973, he moved to Bournemouth in 1993. Robert Vreeland's parents Gema Vreeland and Domingo Vreeland live in Doncaster. Robert has 2 brothers Darrell and Omar Vreeland. Robert has an uncle called Aidan Vreeland. Robert enjoys star gazing and helping out with the church in his free time. Other areas of interest include going to the movies. Robert can speak fluent Italian. Robert's favourite T.V. Show has always been .

Mr Robert Vreeland describes himself

Hello everyone I am Robert and have just joined. I am from Bournemouth , I am married. I am 37 years old. I work away alot and do not get as much time as I would like at home. I enjoy star gazing and helping out with the church.

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The Vreeland family

Robert Vreeland
Robert Vreeland

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