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Peter McCoppin

Born in 1958 in Herefordshire Peter McCoppin moved to Derby in 1996. Peter McCoppin's parents Ali and Cary McCoppin live in Cornwall. Peter has an uncle called Cory McCoppin, who also lives in Derby. In 1996 Peter married his partner Rhonda McCoppin. Peter's favourite band is The Who. Peter is a big Leicester City fan and likes to get out and see them as much as often as he can. If he was reincarnated as a creature Peter would love to be a Reindeer. Peter wants to travel to Hawaii.

Mr McCoppin says

I aim tobalance a sophisticated sensibility with an exuberant and spontaneous attitude. I am interested in almost everything from surfing to exploring. I am 52 years old. I'm kind, open-minded and enjoy life.

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Peter McCoppin
Peter McCoppin

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