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Paula Andrea Chacon Sanabria

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Paula Andrea Chacon Sanabria

Paula Andrea Chacon Sanabria currently resideds in Devon, She was born on the 8th October 1974 in Staffordshire. Paula's auntie Kath Andrea Chacon Sanabria lives nearby in Devon. If She had to be any animal Paula would like to become a Monkey.
Paula Andrea Chacon Sanabria - About Me
I am Paula. 36 years old, married|,my wife is called Stewart.
I was born in Staffordshire and lived there until 1989. I went to Birmingham City University and studied history of art.
I am enthusiastic when it comes to the things that prove of interest to me. My local community and my friends particuarly.

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Paula Andrea Chacon Sanabria
Paula Andrea Chacon Sanabria

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