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Michelle Magers

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Michelle Magers

Staffordshire was home to Michelle Magers for the first seven months of his life. Michelle Magers now lives with his family in Nottinghamshire. Michelle Magers got a 2:2 in media and film at The University of Bolton. Michelle has two brothers Eddy and Jonathan. Michelle's auntie Brandy Magers lives nearby in Nottinghamshire.

Michelle has worked for WH Smiths for 2 years. Michelle likes learning to play piano in his time off. Sid Magers and Michelle Magers have been living together since 1992. Michelle's favourite band is The Beatles. has supported Chelsea since She was a kid.
Michelle Magers - About Me
When I was a little I was always the first to get picked in the football team.
I am quite tall and have nice eyes, I am 47 years old.

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Michelle Magers
Michelle Magers

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