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Michael Settas

Michael Settas was born on the 4th December 1949, he moved from Liverpool to Sunderland on 1997. Michael's mum Lynne seperated from his father Roderick in 1986. Michael has two cousins Margaret Settas and Lawrence Settas. Michael works for JD Weatherspoons as a engineering technician. Other interests include photography. Michael married his wife Meredith Settas in 1993. Michael's favourite actress is Keira Knightley. He has supported Preston North End since he was a kid. If he was reincarnated as a creature Michael would like to be a Sea Lion.

Michael - About me

I am a 61 year old engineering technician from Sunderland, England. I graduated from The University of Cambridge and now work for JD Weatherspoons.

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Michael Settas
Michael Settas

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