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Michael Mandrel

Michael Mandrel resideds in Devon with his family, he was born on the 1st October 1972 in Durham. Michael's parents Alyssa Mandrel and Amos Mandrel have lived in Durham for all their life. Michael's cousin Nicki Mandrel also lives in Devon. Michael works for Waitrose as a pr manager, he has worked there for 3 years and has gained experience in the industry. Michael's favourite colour is green. Michael's favourite actor is Meryl Streep. Michael's favourite song is Best thing by Savage Garden.
Mr Michael Mandrel - About Me
I am Michael Mandrel. 38 years old, married|,my wife is called Abi.
I was born in Durham and lived there until 1986. I went to Birmingham City University and studied biochemistry. I am enthusiastic about those things that prove of interest to me. My local church and my music etc.

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The Mandrel family

Michael Mandrel
Michael Mandrel

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