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Michael Feola

Michael Feola currently lives in Berkshire, he was born on the 1st October 1979 in Greater Manchester. Michael spent three years studying foreign languages at Canterbury Christ Church University. Michael's parents Misty and Robert Feola have lived in Greater Manchester for 29 years. Michael's cousin Paddy Feola lives nearby in Berkshire. Michael is a web designer at Debenhams. Other hobbies include learning to play piano.

Michael Feola - About me

I am Michael. 31 years old, married|,my wife is called May.
I was born in Greater Manchester and lived there until 1993. I went to Canterbury Christ Church University and studied foreign languages.
I am enthusiastic about the things that prove of interest to me. My family and my writing etc.

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Known members of the Feola family

Michael Feola
Michael Feola

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