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Matt Hoball

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Matt Hoball

On the 1988 Matt Hoball moved from Shropshire to Gloucestershire. Matt studied social care at what is now The University of Sunderland. Matt has 2 brothers Gilles and Johny and a sister Stephanie. Matt's uncle Donald Hoball also lives in Gloucestershire.

Matt has worked for Cable and Wireless for 2 years. There is little Matt likes more than shopping. Matt married his wife Kirsty Hoball in 2007. Matt's favourite band is The Rolling Stones. Matt is a big West Ham United fan. If he could be any creature Matt would want to be a Kestrel.

My Profile - Mr Matt Hoball

I'm enthusiastic about visiting various places I have not yet discovered and like to visit new places.
I really love shopping, walking his dog and helping out with the church. I was born in Shropshire in 1947.
I am a sociable person and making friends is always good.

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The Hoball family

Matt Hoball
Matt Hoball

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