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Lorena Carrillo Fuentes

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Lorena Carrillo Fuentes

Born in 1953 in Dover Lorena Carrillo Fuentes moved to Dudley in 1995. Lorena has three brothers Kyle, Fabio and Herbert Carrillo Fuentes. Lorena's auntie Muriel Carrillo Fuentes lives nearby in Dudley.

Lorena has worked for BT for 4 years. When he is not at BT Lorena likes singing and photography. He lives with his partner Herbert Carrillo Fuentes. They were married in 2007.

Lorena's Info

I aim tobalance a sophisticated sensibility with an exuberant and spontaneous lifestyle. I am interested in almost everything from singing to photography. I'm 57 years of age. I am kind, determined, protective and enjoy life.

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Known members of the Carrillo Fuentes family

Lorena Carrillo Fuentes
Lorena Carrillo Fuentes

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