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Lauren Hitchell

Lauren Hitchell lives in Buckinghamshire with his family, She was born on the 2nd February 1965 in Cornwall. Lauren Hitchell took media and film at The University of Exeter. Lauren's mother Mia seperated from his father Aaron back in 2005. Lauren has 2 brothers Gilberto and Ted Hitchell. Lauren has 2 cousins Karren Hitchell and Randolph Hitchell. In his free time Lauren enjoys learning to play guitar and . If She could become a animal Lauren would like to be a King Cobra.

Ms Lauren Hitchell says

I am Lauren Hitchell. 45 years old, married|,my wife is called Bryant.
I was born in Cornwall and lived there until 1998. I went to The University of Exeter and studied media and film. I am passionate about those things that prove of interest to me. My local community especially.

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Lauren Hitchell
Lauren Hitchell

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