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Kurt Haest

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Kurt Haest

Kurt Haest currently lives in Cumbria, he was born on the seventh October 1951 in Dudley. Kurt's specialised subject at The University of Wolverhampton was media and film. Kurt's uncle Luis Haest lives nearby in Cumbria. Kurt is a design engineer at Arriva. Kurt is settled with his partner Beccy Haest. They have been married since 2008. Kurt supports Peterborough United.

Kurt's Info

I am Kurt. 59 years old, married|,my wife is called Beccy Haest.
I was born in Dudley and lived there until 2001. I went to The University of Wolverhampton and studied media and film.
I am passionate about the things that interest me. My local church and my friends particuarly.

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Kurt Haest
Kurt Haest

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