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Kristine Carnero

Born on the 2nd November 1968 Kristine Carnero was raised in Colchester where She stayed for the first four months of his life. Then moving to Oldham with his Dad. Kristine took information technology at The University of Lincoln. Kristine Carnero's parents Kristine and Jesse Carnero live in Preston. Kristine has three sisters Connie, Penny and Kristine Carnero. Kristine has an uncle called Clint Carnero, who also lives in Oldham. Kristine works for Investec as a designer. There is nothing Kristine Carnero enjoys more than traveling. Kristine has always supported Sunderland.

Kristine Carnero describes himself

I like to go out as much as possible. I enjoy traveling and playing chess.
I am from Oldham.

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Known members of the Carnero family

Kristine Carnero
Kristine Carnero

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