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Karla Lapit

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Karla Lapit

Born on 1953 Karla Lapit was brought up in Ipswich, She moved to Hertford in 1988. Karla's subject of choice at The University of Portsmouth was biochemistry. Karla Lapit's parents Brandi Lapit and Marion Lapit live in Cambridgeshire. Karla has 2 sisters Kristine and Nina. Karla has an uncle called Barry Lapit. Karla works for Aviva as a senior marketing director. In his free time Karla enjoys reading. He lives with his husband Tommy Lapit. They were married in 2004.

My Profile - Karla Lapit
Hi I'm Karla, I tend to be quite strong minded and very stubborn at times.
I love art and literature. I am a writer and a poet, a wannabe chef and I love reading.
I like to go slow and mull things over and will never accept things at face value. I am not easily freaked out and I have a psyche that likes to smile. I am fun to know.

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The Lapit family

Karla Lapit
Karla Lapit

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