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Karen Herrnsdorf

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Karen Herrnsdorf

Born on the 2nd March 1951 Karen Herrnsdorf was brought up in Bristol where She stayed for the initial 5 months of his life. Then moving to Rotherham with his Dad. Karen's mother Eunice lives in Oldham. Karen has two brothers Adam and Eric. Karen has an uncle called Shawn Herrnsdorf, who lives in Rotherham as well. Karen works for Kingfisher as a consultant. Karen likes watching TV in his own time. Karen is settled with his partner Kenny Herrnsdorf. They have been married since 1991. Karen's favourite actor is Jodie Foster. Karen's favourite song is Chase the sun by Planet Funk. can also speak fluent Dutch. Karen's favourite TV show is .
Karen Herrnsdorf - About Me
I always like to go away with friends. I enjoy watching TV, bird watching and going to the gym.
I am currently living in Rotherham.

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Karen Herrnsdorf
Karen Herrnsdorf

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