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Jason Ramirez Brizuela

Jason Ramirez Brizuela lives in Cambridgeshire with his family, She was born on the sixth October 1969 in Northumberland. Jason took media and film at Canterbury Christ Church University. Jason's mum Kryssie lives in Salop. Jason has an uncle called Bert Ramirez Brizuela.

Ms Jason Ramirez Brizuela - About me

I am Jason Ramirez Brizuela. 41 years old, married|,my wife is called Rufus.
I was born in Northumberland and lived there until 2005. I went to Canterbury Christ Church University and studied media and film. I am enthusiastic about those things that I like. My family and my music etc.

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The Ramirez Brizuela family

Jason Ramirez Brizuela
Jason Ramirez Brizuela

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