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Ella Cleve

Ella Cleve was born and brought up in Hertford, She has resided in Hertford all his life. Ella's mother Melba seperated from his dad Scottie in 1999. Ella has 3 brothers Tommy, Kent and Max Cleve. Ella has 2 cousins Demi Cleve and Rudolph Cleve. When he is not working at GlaxoSmithKline Ella enjoys going to the gym and playing badmington. Ella's favourite colour is magnolia. Ella's favourite actress is Rashida Jones. If She could become any creature Ella would want to be a Lizard.

About Me Ms Ella Cleve

I am reasonably intelligent and fairly sensible. I can not stand people who do not stand up for themselves.
I worry myself too often and get things out of proportion. I really enjoy going to the gym. I am 46 years old and have a possitive outlook on life.

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The Cleve family

Ella Cleve
Ella Cleve

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