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Eddie Off

Stafford was home to Eddie Off for the first five months of his life. Eddie Off now lives with his family in Northamptonshire. Eddie used to study computer science at Durham University. Eddie Off's parents Phillip Off and Brittany Off currently live in Hampshire. Eddie has three sisters Dawn, Irma and Brittany Off. Eddie has an uncle called Theodore Off, who also lives in Northamptonshire. Eddie has worked as a database administrator for Arm Holdings for 7 years. There is little Eddie enjoys more than going to the movies. He lives with his partner Rina Off. They were married in 1995. Eddie supports Tottenham Hotspur and has been to see them play.

Eddie Off Says

When I was young I was always the first to get picked in the rugby team.
I am tall and have green eyes, I was born in 1954.

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Eddie Off
Eddie Off

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