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Daniel Norbert

Daniel Norbert was born and raised in Luton, he has resided in Luton all his life. Daniel Norbert studied mathematics at what is now Coventry University. George and Tanya are Daniel's parents, who currently live in Birmingham. Daniel has two brothers Cecil and Jay. Daniel has an auntie called Amy Norbert, who lives in Lincoln as well. Daniel is a environmental officer at JD Weatherspoons. In his time off work he likes watching TV. Other interests include photography. In 1994 Daniel married Nellie Norbert. Daniel supports Arsenal.

Mr Norbert Says

I am fairly sensible. I hate people who don't know right from wrong. I concern myself too often and get things out of proportion. I really enjoy watching TV. I am 51 years old and have a good outlook.

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Daniel Norbert
Daniel Norbert

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