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Claudia Hutterer

Claudia Hutterer was born and brought up in Preston, She has resided in Preston ever since. science was Claudia's specialised subject at what is now Manchester Metropolitan University. Claudia has 2 brothers Luther and Ellis. Claudia has worked as a senior marketing director for Tesco for 4 years. Claudia enjoys helping his local scout group in his free time. In 2002 Claudia married Harvey Hutterer. Claudia's favourite actress is Jane Krakowski.

Claudia Research Information

I am intelligent and fairly sensible. I hate people who do not stand up for themselves.
I worry too much and get things out of prospective.
I love helping his local scout group. I am 52 years old and have a good outlook on life.

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Claudia Hutterer
Claudia Hutterer

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