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Carly Shakesheff

Carly's parents Barney and Barbara have lived in Sussex for 20 years. Carly has two sisters Yvon and Mary. Carly's cousin Oliver Shakesheff also lives in Yorkshire.

Carly has worked for Greene King for 7 years. In his time off work he likes playing lead guitar in his band and playing squash. Bas Shakesheff and Carly Shakesheff have been living together since 1996. Carly's favourite actress is Shenae Grimes. can also speak Mandarin. Carly's favourite television program at the moment is . Carly is hoping to go on holiday to Seychelles.

Carly Shakesheff Says

Birth date - 1962
Height - 5-8
Eyes - Green
Complexion - Good
Spouse - Bas Shakesheff
Religion - Agnostic atheist

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Carly Shakesheff
Carly Shakesheff
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