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Brad Vlachos

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Brad Vlachos

Born on 1951 in Ashford Brad Vlachos moved to Colchester in 1996. Brad has 2 brothers John and Christopher and a sister Lynette Vlachos. Brad's uncle Chris Vlachos also lives in Colchester. Brad is a electrician at Serco. In his free time he enjoys playing saxaphone and helping his local scout group. Brad is settled with his wife Shannon Vlachos. They have been married since 1990. Brad can often be found at the Ark Royal.
Brad - About Me
I try to balance a sophisticated sensibility with an exuberant and spontaneous attitude. I like almost everything from playing saxaphone to helping his local scout group. I'm 59 years of age. I'm kind, open-minded, creative and fun.

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Brad Vlachos
Brad Vlachos

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