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Anna Vasilev

Anna Vasilev lives in Berkshire, She was born on the sixth March 1970 in Oxford. Anna spent three years studying history of art at Canterbury Christ Church University. Anna's dad Larry lives in Derby. Anna has 3 brothers Morris, Stanley and Simon. Anna has an uncle called Dexter Vasilev. Anna is a advertising advisor at . When he is not working at Anna likes swimming. Other hobbies include reading Shakespear. Anna can speak fluent Mandarin. Anna's favourite television program has always been .

Anna Vasilev - About me

I am Anna Vasilev. 40 years old, married|,my wife is called Simon.
I was born in Oxford and lived there until 2004. I went to Canterbury Christ Church University and studied history of art.
I am enthusiastic about things that interest me. My family and my friends especially.

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Anna Vasilev
Anna Vasilev

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