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Amy Shireman

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Amy Shireman

Born on the 2nd January 1948 Amy Shireman was raised in Dover where She stayed for the initial six years of his life. Later moving to Peterborough with his Mum. Amy achieved a 2:1 in foreign languages at The University of Warwick. Amy has two sisters Gertrude and Tabitha. Amy's auntie Marlene Shireman lives nearby in Peterborough. Amy is a pr manager at Standard Life. In his time off work Amy enjoys walking. Amy married his husband Marshall Shireman in 2008. Amy's favourite colour is orange. can speak fluent French. Amy's favourite TV show has always been .

Amy's Info

I like to go away with friends. I enjoy walking, dancing and ten pin bowling. I am from Peterborough.

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Amy Shireman
Amy Shireman

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