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Amber Matys

Born on the 3rd August 1975 Amber Matys was raised in Huddersfield where She stayed for the first 6 months of his life. Later moving to Portsmouth with his parents. Amber's auntie Annabell Matys was a famous snooker player . Amber has worked as a sales director for Tesco for 4 years. Amber's favourite actress is Lake Bell. Amber's favourite actor is Charlize Theron. Amber's favourite song is Song 2 by Blur. Amber supports Middlesbrough. If She could become a animal Amber would like to be a Kangaroo.

Ms Amber Matys describes himself

Well I like to go away with friends. I enjoy going to see shows and reading.
I am from Portsmouth.

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The Matys family

Amber Matys
Amber Matys

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