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Ali Rashed

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Ali Rashed

Worcestershire was home to Ali Rashed for the first seven years of his life. Ali Rashed now lives with his family in Scarborough. Ali's mum Kerry seperated from his father Randal back in 1994. Ali has two cousins Natasha Rashed and Theo Rashed. Ali works for Severn Trent as a designer, he has worked there for 2 years and has gained valuable experience at the firm. Ali's favourite band is The Beatles. Ali's favourite film is Magnolia. Ali's favourite actor is Katharine Hepburn. Ali's favourite song is Best thing by Savage Garden.

Profile - Ali Rashed
When I was a little I loved living in England.
I am quite short and have brown eyes, I'm 32 years of age.

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Ali Rashed
Ali Rashed

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