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Aaron Turner
Aaron Turner
Abbie Turner
Abbie Turner
Abby Turner
Abby Turner
Abi Turner
Abi Turner
Abigail Turner
Abigail Turner
Ada Turner
Ada Turner
Adam Turner
Adam Turner
Adele Turner
Adele Turner
Adrian Turner
Adrian Turner
Alan Turner
Alan Turner
Alex Turner
Alex Turner
Alexandra Turner
Alexandra Turner
Alfie Turner
Alfie Turner
Ali Turner
Ali Turner
Alice Turner
Alice Turner
Alicia Turner
Alicia Turner
Alison Turner
Alison Turner
Allan Turner
Allan Turner
Allison Turner
Allison Turner
Amanda Turner
Amanda Turner
Amber Turner
Amber Turner
Amelia Turner
Amelia Turner
Amy Turner
Amy Turner
Andrea Turner
Andrea Turner
Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner
Andy Turner
Andy Turner
Angela Turner
Angela Turner
Anita Turner
Anita Turner

Ann TurnerAnn Turner
Anna TurnerAnna Turner
Annie TurnerAnnie Turner
Anthony TurnerAnthony Turner
Antony TurnerAntony Turner
April TurnerApril Turner
Archie TurnerArchie Turner
Arron TurnerArron Turner
Ash TurnerAsh Turner
Ashleigh TurnerAshleigh Turner
Ashley TurnerAshley Turner
Barbara TurnerBarbara Turner
Barry TurnerBarry Turner
Baz TurnerBaz Turner
Bec TurnerBec Turner
Beccy TurnerBeccy Turner
Becki TurnerBecki Turner
Becky TurnerBecky Turner
Ben TurnerBen Turner
Benjamin TurnerBenjamin Turner
Benny TurnerBenny Turner
Bernadette TurnerBernadette Turner
Bertha TurnerBertha Turner
Beth TurnerBeth Turner
Bev TurnerBev Turner
Bill TurnerBill Turner
Bob TurnerBob Turner
Bobbie TurnerBobbie Turner
Bobby TurnerBobby Turner
Brad TurnerBrad Turner
Bradley TurnerBradley Turner
Brandon TurnerBrandon Turner
Brandy TurnerBrandy Turner
Brett TurnerBrett Turner
Brian TurnerBrian Turner
Bridget TurnerBridget Turner
Byron TurnerByron Turner
Cameron TurnerCameron Turner
Camille TurnerCamille Turner
Carl TurnerCarl Turner
Carla TurnerCarla Turner
Carly TurnerCarly Turner
Carmen TurnerCarmen Turner
Carol TurnerCarol Turner
Carole TurnerCarole Turner
Caroline TurnerCaroline Turner
Carolyn TurnerCarolyn Turner
Carrie TurnerCarrie Turner
Cassie TurnerCassie Turner
Catherine TurnerCatherine Turner
Cathy TurnerCathy Turner
Celia TurnerCelia Turner
Charlene TurnerCharlene Turner
Charles TurnerCharles Turner
Charlie TurnerCharlie Turner
Charlotte TurnerCharlotte Turner
Chelsey TurnerChelsey Turner
Cherie TurnerCherie Turner
Cheryl TurnerCheryl Turner
Chloe TurnerChloe Turner
Chris TurnerChris Turner
Chrissy TurnerChrissy Turner
Christie TurnerChristie Turner
Christine TurnerChristine Turner
Christopher TurnerChristopher Turner
Clair TurnerClair Turner
Claire TurnerClaire Turner
Clara TurnerClara Turner
Clare TurnerClare Turner
Clark TurnerClark Turner
Clifton TurnerClifton Turner
Clive TurnerClive Turner
Colin TurnerColin Turner
Courtney TurnerCourtney Turner
Craig TurnerCraig Turner
Curtis TurnerCurtis Turner
Daisy TurnerDaisy Turner
Dale TurnerDale Turner
Damon TurnerDamon Turner
Dan TurnerDan Turner
Dana TurnerDana Turner
Daniel TurnerDaniel Turner
Daniela TurnerDaniela Turner
Daniella TurnerDaniella Turner
Danielle TurnerDanielle Turner
Danni TurnerDanni Turner
Danny TurnerDanny Turner
Darren TurnerDarren Turner
Dave TurnerDave Turner
David TurnerDavid Turner
Dawn TurnerDawn Turner
Dean TurnerDean Turner
Debbie TurnerDebbie Turner
Deborah TurnerDeborah Turner
Debs TurnerDebs Turner
Declan TurnerDeclan Turner
Demi TurnerDemi Turner
Denise TurnerDenise Turner
Dennis TurnerDennis Turner
Derrick TurnerDerrick Turner
Diane TurnerDiane Turner
Dianne TurnerDianne Turner
Dionne TurnerDionne Turner
Dom TurnerDom Turner
Dominic TurnerDominic Turner
Donald TurnerDonald Turner
Donna TurnerDonna Turner
Doreen TurnerDoreen Turner
Doug TurnerDoug Turner
Drew TurnerDrew Turner
Duncan TurnerDuncan Turner
Dwayne TurnerDwayne Turner
Ed TurnerEd Turner
Edith TurnerEdith Turner
Edward TurnerEdward Turner
Elaine TurnerElaine Turner
Eleanor TurnerEleanor Turner
Elizabeth TurnerElizabeth Turner
Ella TurnerElla Turner
Ellen TurnerEllen Turner
Ellie TurnerEllie Turner
Emilie TurnerEmilie Turner
Emily TurnerEmily Turner
Emma TurnerEmma Turner
Erin TurnerErin Turner
Ernie TurnerErnie Turner
Eve TurnerEve Turner
Faith TurnerFaith Turner
Faye TurnerFaye Turner
Fiona TurnerFiona Turner
Fran TurnerFran Turner
Francis TurnerFrancis Turner
Frank TurnerFrank Turner
Fred TurnerFred Turner
Freddie TurnerFreddie Turner
Gareth TurnerGareth Turner
Garry TurnerGarry Turner
Garth TurnerGarth Turner
Gary TurnerGary Turner
Gavin TurnerGavin Turner
Gemma TurnerGemma Turner
George TurnerGeorge Turner
Georgia TurnerGeorgia Turner
Georgie TurnerGeorgie Turner
Georgina TurnerGeorgina Turner
Gerald TurnerGerald Turner
Gillian TurnerGillian Turner
Gilly TurnerGilly Turner
Glenn TurnerGlenn Turner
Grace TurnerGrace Turner
Graeme TurnerGraeme Turner
Graham TurnerGraham Turner
Grant TurnerGrant Turner
Greg TurnerGreg Turner
Gregory TurnerGregory Turner
Guy TurnerGuy Turner
Gwen TurnerGwen Turner
Hannah TurnerHannah Turner
Harley TurnerHarley Turner
Harriet TurnerHarriet Turner
Harry TurnerHarry Turner
Hayley TurnerHayley Turner
Heidi TurnerHeidi Turner
Helen TurnerHelen Turner
Holly TurnerHolly Turner
Howard TurnerHoward Turner
Hugo TurnerHugo Turner
Ian TurnerIan Turner
Isabel TurnerIsabel Turner
Ivan TurnerIvan Turner
Jack TurnerJack Turner
Jackie TurnerJackie Turner
Jacqui TurnerJacqui Turner
Jade TurnerJade Turner
Jake TurnerJake Turner
James TurnerJames Turner
Jamie TurnerJamie Turner
Jan TurnerJan Turner
Jane TurnerJane Turner
Janet TurnerJanet Turner
Janice TurnerJanice Turner
Jason TurnerJason Turner
Jay TurnerJay Turner
Jean TurnerJean Turner
Jeff TurnerJeff Turner
Jemma TurnerJemma Turner
Jenna TurnerJenna Turner
Jennifer TurnerJennifer Turner
Jenny TurnerJenny Turner
Jess TurnerJess Turner
Jessica TurnerJessica Turner
Jessie TurnerJessie Turner
Jill TurnerJill Turner
Jim TurnerJim Turner
Jo TurnerJo Turner
Joanne TurnerJoanne Turner
Jodie TurnerJodie Turner
Jody TurnerJody Turner
Joe TurnerJoe Turner
John TurnerJohn Turner
Jon TurnerJon Turner
Jonathan TurnerJonathan Turner
Jonny TurnerJonny Turner
Joseph TurnerJoseph Turner
Josh TurnerJosh Turner
Joy TurnerJoy Turner
Judith TurnerJudith Turner
Julian TurnerJulian Turner
Julie TurnerJulie Turner
Juliet TurnerJuliet Turner
June TurnerJune Turner
Justin TurnerJustin Turner
Kara TurnerKara Turner
Karen TurnerKaren Turner
Karl TurnerKarl Turner
Kat TurnerKat Turner
Kate TurnerKate Turner
Katherine TurnerKatherine Turner
Kathleen TurnerKathleen Turner
Kathryn TurnerKathryn Turner
Kathy TurnerKathy Turner
Katie TurnerKatie Turner
Katrina TurnerKatrina Turner
Katy TurnerKaty Turner
Kayla TurnerKayla Turner
Keith TurnerKeith Turner
Kellie TurnerKellie Turner
Kelly TurnerKelly Turner
Kenneth TurnerKenneth Turner
Kenny TurnerKenny Turner
Kerrie TurnerKerrie Turner
Kerry TurnerKerry Turner
Kevin TurnerKevin Turner
Kieran TurnerKieran Turner
Kim TurnerKim Turner
Kimberley TurnerKimberley Turner
Kirsty TurnerKirsty Turner
Kyle TurnerKyle Turner
Kylie TurnerKylie Turner
Lana TurnerLana Turner
Laura TurnerLaura Turner
Lauren TurnerLauren Turner
Lawrence TurnerLawrence Turner
Leah TurnerLeah Turner
Leanne TurnerLeanne Turner
Lee TurnerLee Turner
Leigh TurnerLeigh Turner
Leon TurnerLeon Turner
Lesley TurnerLesley Turner
Lewis TurnerLewis Turner
Liam TurnerLiam Turner
Lily TurnerLily Turner
Linda TurnerLinda Turner
Lindsey TurnerLindsey Turner
Lisa TurnerLisa Turner
Liz TurnerLiz Turner
Lizzy TurnerLizzy Turner
Lloyd TurnerLloyd Turner
Lois TurnerLois Turner
Lorraine TurnerLorraine Turner
Louis TurnerLouis Turner
Louise TurnerLouise Turner
Luci TurnerLuci Turner
Lucia TurnerLucia Turner
Lucy TurnerLucy Turner
Luke TurnerLuke Turner
Lydia TurnerLydia Turner
Lyndsey TurnerLyndsey Turner
Lynn TurnerLynn Turner
Malcolm TurnerMalcolm Turner
Mandy TurnerMandy Turner
Marc TurnerMarc Turner
Marcus TurnerMarcus Turner
Margaret TurnerMargaret Turner
Maria TurnerMaria Turner
Marie TurnerMarie Turner
Marion TurnerMarion Turner
Mark TurnerMark Turner
Martin TurnerMartin Turner
Marty TurnerMarty Turner
Martyn TurnerMartyn Turner
Marvin TurnerMarvin Turner
Mary TurnerMary Turner
Mat TurnerMat Turner
Mathew TurnerMathew Turner
Matt TurnerMatt Turner
Matthew TurnerMatthew Turner
Matty TurnerMatty Turner
Maureen TurnerMaureen Turner
Maurice TurnerMaurice Turner
Max TurnerMax Turner
Maxwell TurnerMaxwell Turner
May TurnerMay Turner
Meg TurnerMeg Turner
Megan TurnerMegan Turner
Melanie TurnerMelanie Turner
Melissa TurnerMelissa Turner
Mia TurnerMia Turner
Michael TurnerMichael Turner
Michaela TurnerMichaela Turner
Michelle TurnerMichelle Turner
Mike TurnerMike Turner
Mitch TurnerMitch Turner
Mitchell TurnerMitchell Turner
Myra TurnerMyra Turner
Naomi TurnerNaomi Turner
Nat TurnerNat Turner
Natalie TurnerNatalie Turner
Natasha TurnerNatasha Turner
Nathan TurnerNathan Turner
Neil TurnerNeil Turner
Nicholas TurnerNicholas Turner
Nick TurnerNick Turner
Nicky TurnerNicky Turner
Nicola TurnerNicola Turner
Nicole TurnerNicole Turner
Nigel TurnerNigel Turner
Nikki TurnerNikki Turner
Nina TurnerNina Turner
Oliver TurnerOliver Turner
Olivia TurnerOlivia Turner
Olly TurnerOlly Turner
Owen TurnerOwen Turner
Pam TurnerPam Turner
Patricia TurnerPatricia Turner
Paul TurnerPaul Turner
Paula TurnerPaula Turner
Pauline TurnerPauline Turner
Penny TurnerPenny Turner
Perry TurnerPerry Turner
Pete TurnerPete Turner
Peter TurnerPeter Turner
Phil TurnerPhil Turner
Philip TurnerPhilip Turner
Philippa TurnerPhilippa Turner
Phillip TurnerPhillip Turner
Piers TurnerPiers Turner
Pippa TurnerPippa Turner
Rachael TurnerRachael Turner
Rachel TurnerRachel Turner
Ralph TurnerRalph Turner
Randall TurnerRandall Turner
Rebecca TurnerRebecca Turner
Rhys TurnerRhys Turner
Rich TurnerRich Turner
Richard TurnerRichard Turner
Rick TurnerRick Turner
Ricky TurnerRicky Turner
Rob TurnerRob Turner
Robbie TurnerRobbie Turner
Robert TurnerRobert Turner
Robin TurnerRobin Turner
Robyn TurnerRobyn Turner
Rory TurnerRory Turner
Rosemary TurnerRosemary Turner
Rosie TurnerRosie Turner
Ross TurnerRoss Turner
Roxanne TurnerRoxanne Turner
Russell TurnerRussell Turner
Ryan TurnerRyan Turner
Sally TurnerSally Turner
Sam TurnerSam Turner
Samantha TurnerSamantha Turner
Sammy TurnerSammy Turner
Samuel TurnerSamuel Turner
Sandra TurnerSandra Turner
Sandy TurnerSandy Turner
Sara TurnerSara Turner
Sarah TurnerSarah Turner
Scott TurnerScott Turner
Sean TurnerSean Turner
Seb TurnerSeb Turner
Sebastian TurnerSebastian Turner
Shane TurnerShane Turner
Shannon TurnerShannon Turner
Sharon TurnerSharon Turner
Shaun TurnerShaun Turner
Shauna TurnerShauna Turner
Shawn TurnerShawn Turner
Shayne TurnerShayne Turner
Shelley TurnerShelley Turner
Shirley TurnerShirley Turner
Simon TurnerSimon Turner
Sophie TurnerSophie Turner
Spencer TurnerSpencer Turner
Stacey TurnerStacey Turner
Stef TurnerStef Turner
Steph TurnerSteph Turner
Stephanie TurnerStephanie Turner
Stephen TurnerStephen Turner
Steve TurnerSteve Turner
Steven TurnerSteven Turner
Stevie TurnerStevie Turner
Stuart TurnerStuart Turner
Sue TurnerSue Turner
Susan TurnerSusan Turner
Susie TurnerSusie Turner
Suzanne TurnerSuzanne Turner
Sylvia TurnerSylvia Turner
Tammy TurnerTammy Turner
Tara TurnerTara Turner
Teresa TurnerTeresa Turner
Terri TurnerTerri Turner
Thomas TurnerThomas Turner
Tia TurnerTia Turner
Tim TurnerTim Turner
Tina TurnerTina Turner
Tom TurnerTom Turner
Tommy TurnerTommy Turner
Tony TurnerTony Turner
Tracey TurnerTracey Turner
Tracy TurnerTracy Turner
Troy TurnerTroy Turner
Vanessa TurnerVanessa Turner
Veronica TurnerVeronica Turner
Vicki TurnerVicki Turner
Vicky TurnerVicky Turner
Victoria TurnerVictoria Turner
Vikki TurnerVikki Turner
Wayne TurnerWayne Turner
Wendy TurnerWendy Turner
Whitney TurnerWhitney Turner
Wilfred TurnerWilfred Turner
Will TurnerWill Turner
William TurnerWilliam Turner
Yvette TurnerYvette Turner
Yvonne TurnerYvonne Turner
Zachary TurnerZachary Turner
Zoe TurnerZoe Turner

Turner is a surname that family tree research shows has been around since at least the 1700's. Public death records show a life expectancy of 104 years for members of the Turner family.

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