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Aaron Taylor
Aaron Taylor
Abbie Taylor
Abbie Taylor
Abby Taylor
Abby Taylor
Abigail Taylor
Abigail Taylor
Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor
Adele Taylor
Adele Taylor
Adrian Taylor
Adrian Taylor
Adrienne Taylor
Adrienne Taylor
Aidan Taylor
Aidan Taylor
Aimee Taylor
Aimee Taylor
Al Taylor
Al Taylor
Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor
Alec Taylor
Alec Taylor
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor
Alexandra Taylor
Alexandra Taylor
Alfie Taylor
Alfie Taylor
Ali Taylor
Ali Taylor
Alice Taylor
Alice Taylor
Alicia Taylor
Alicia Taylor
Alison Taylor
Alison Taylor
Allan Taylor
Allan Taylor
Allen Taylor
Allen Taylor
Allie Taylor
Allie Taylor
Allison Taylor
Allison Taylor
Alma Taylor
Alma Taylor
Alyssa Taylor
Alyssa Taylor
Amanda Taylor
Amanda Taylor
Amber Taylor
Amber Taylor

Amelia TaylorAmelia Taylor
Ami TaylorAmi Taylor
Amy TaylorAmy Taylor
Andre TaylorAndre Taylor
Andrea TaylorAndrea Taylor
Andres TaylorAndres Taylor
Andrew TaylorAndrew Taylor
Andy TaylorAndy Taylor
Angela TaylorAngela Taylor
Angie TaylorAngie Taylor
Angus TaylorAngus Taylor
Anita TaylorAnita Taylor
Ann TaylorAnn Taylor
Anna TaylorAnna Taylor
Annabel TaylorAnnabel Taylor
Anne TaylorAnne Taylor
Annie TaylorAnnie Taylor
Anthony TaylorAnthony Taylor
Anton TaylorAnton Taylor
Antony TaylorAntony Taylor
April TaylorApril Taylor
Arran TaylorArran Taylor
Arron TaylorArron Taylor
Arthur TaylorArthur Taylor
Ash TaylorAsh Taylor
Ashleigh TaylorAshleigh Taylor
Ashley TaylorAshley Taylor
Austin TaylorAustin Taylor
Avril TaylorAvril Taylor
Barbara TaylorBarbara Taylor
Barney TaylorBarney Taylor
Barry TaylorBarry Taylor
Bec TaylorBec Taylor
Becca TaylorBecca Taylor
Becci TaylorBecci Taylor
Beccy TaylorBeccy Taylor
Becki TaylorBecki Taylor
Becky TaylorBecky Taylor
Ben TaylorBen Taylor
Bernie TaylorBernie Taylor
Bert Taylor Bert Taylor
Beth TaylorBeth Taylor
Bethany TaylorBethany Taylor
Beverly TaylorBeverly Taylor
Bianca TaylorBianca Taylor
Bill TaylorBill Taylor
Billy TaylorBilly Taylor
Bob TaylorBob Taylor
Bobby TaylorBobby Taylor
Bonnie TaylorBonnie Taylor
Brad TaylorBrad Taylor
Bradley TaylorBradley Taylor
Brandon TaylorBrandon Taylor
Brenda TaylorBrenda Taylor
Brent TaylorBrent Taylor
Brett TaylorBrett Taylor
Brian TaylorBrian Taylor
Brittany TaylorBrittany Taylor
Brooke TaylorBrooke Taylor
Bruce TaylorBruce Taylor
Bryan TaylorBryan Taylor
Byron TaylorByron Taylor
Callum TaylorCallum Taylor
Calum TaylorCalum Taylor
Calvin TaylorCalvin Taylor
Cameron TaylorCameron Taylor
Candice TaylorCandice Taylor
Cara TaylorCara Taylor
Carl TaylorCarl Taylor
Carla TaylorCarla Taylor
Carley TaylorCarley Taylor
Carly TaylorCarly Taylor
Carol TaylorCarol Taylor
Carole TaylorCarole Taylor
Caroline TaylorCaroline Taylor
Carolyn TaylorCarolyn Taylor
Carrie TaylorCarrie Taylor
Casey TaylorCasey Taylor
Cat TaylorCat Taylor
Cath TaylorCath Taylor
Catherine TaylorCatherine Taylor
Cathy TaylorCathy Taylor
Cecelia TaylorCecelia Taylor
Cedric TaylorCedric Taylor
Celia TaylorCelia Taylor
Chad TaylorChad Taylor
Chantel TaylorChantel Taylor
Chantelle TaylorChantelle Taylor
Charlene TaylorCharlene Taylor
Charles TaylorCharles Taylor
Charlie TaylorCharlie Taylor
Charlotte TaylorCharlotte Taylor
Chase TaylorChase Taylor
Chelsea TaylorChelsea Taylor
Chelsey TaylorChelsey Taylor
Cheryl TaylorCheryl Taylor
Chloe TaylorChloe Taylor
Chris TaylorChris Taylor
Chrissy TaylorChrissy Taylor
Christian TaylorChristian Taylor
Christie TaylorChristie Taylor
Christina TaylorChristina Taylor
Christine TaylorChristine Taylor
Christopher TaylorChristopher Taylor
Christy TaylorChristy Taylor
Chuck TaylorChuck Taylor
Cindy TaylorCindy Taylor
Clair TaylorClair Taylor
Claire TaylorClaire Taylor
Clare TaylorClare Taylor
Clay TaylorClay Taylor
Clifton TaylorClifton Taylor
Clint TaylorClint Taylor
Cody TaylorCody Taylor
Colin TaylorColin Taylor
Connie TaylorConnie Taylor
Cora TaylorCora Taylor
Corey TaylorCorey Taylor
Corinne TaylorCorinne Taylor
Cory TaylorCory Taylor
Courtney TaylorCourtney Taylor
Craig TaylorCraig Taylor
Daisy TaylorDaisy Taylor
Dale TaylorDale Taylor
Dallas TaylorDallas Taylor
Damien TaylorDamien Taylor
Dan TaylorDan Taylor
Dana TaylorDana Taylor
Dani TaylorDani Taylor
Daniel TaylorDaniel Taylor
Danielle TaylorDanielle Taylor
Danny TaylorDanny Taylor
Darnell TaylorDarnell Taylor
Darrell TaylorDarrell Taylor
Darren TaylorDarren Taylor
Darryl TaylorDarryl Taylor
Daryl TaylorDaryl Taylor
Dave TaylorDave Taylor
David TaylorDavid Taylor
Dawn TaylorDawn Taylor
Dean TaylorDean Taylor
Debbie TaylorDebbie Taylor
Deborah TaylorDeborah Taylor
Declan TaylorDeclan Taylor
Delia TaylorDelia Taylor
Demi TaylorDemi Taylor
Denise TaylorDenise Taylor
Dennis TaylorDennis Taylor
Derek TaylorDerek Taylor
Derrick TaylorDerrick Taylor
Dewey TaylorDewey Taylor
Diana TaylorDiana Taylor
Diane TaylorDiane Taylor
Dionne TaylorDionne Taylor
Dominic TaylorDominic Taylor
Don TaylorDon Taylor
Donna TaylorDonna Taylor
Dot TaylorDot Taylor
Doug TaylorDoug Taylor
Drew TaylorDrew Taylor
Duncan TaylorDuncan Taylor
Dustin TaylorDustin Taylor
Dwayne TaylorDwayne Taylor
Dylan TaylorDylan Taylor
Ebony TaylorEbony Taylor
Ed TaylorEd Taylor
Eddie TaylorEddie Taylor
Eddy TaylorEddy Taylor
Edward TaylorEdward Taylor
Edwin TaylorEdwin Taylor
Elaine TaylorElaine Taylor
Eleanor TaylorEleanor Taylor
Elijah TaylorElijah Taylor
Elisa TaylorElisa Taylor
Elise TaylorElise Taylor
Elisha TaylorElisha Taylor
Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor
Ella TaylorElla Taylor
Elle TaylorElle Taylor
Ellen TaylorEllen Taylor
Ellie TaylorEllie Taylor
Ellis TaylorEllis Taylor
Emily TaylorEmily Taylor
Emma TaylorEmma Taylor
Eric TaylorEric Taylor
Erica TaylorErica Taylor
Erin TaylorErin Taylor
Eve TaylorEve Taylor
Ewan TaylorEwan Taylor
Faye TaylorFaye Taylor
Felisha TaylorFelisha Taylor
Fern TaylorFern Taylor
Fiona TaylorFiona Taylor
Ford TaylorFord Taylor
Fran TaylorFran Taylor
Frances TaylorFrances Taylor
Frank TaylorFrank Taylor
Frankie TaylorFrankie Taylor
Fred TaylorFred Taylor
Gail TaylorGail Taylor
Gareth TaylorGareth Taylor
Garrett TaylorGarrett Taylor
Garry TaylorGarry Taylor
Gary TaylorGary Taylor
Gavin TaylorGavin Taylor
Gaz TaylorGaz Taylor
Gemma TaylorGemma Taylor
Genevieve TaylorGenevieve Taylor
Geoff TaylorGeoff Taylor
George TaylorGeorge Taylor
Georgia TaylorGeorgia Taylor
Georgie TaylorGeorgie Taylor
Georgina TaylorGeorgina Taylor
Gerald TaylorGerald Taylor
Gillian TaylorGillian Taylor
Gilly TaylorGilly Taylor
Gina TaylorGina Taylor
Glen TaylorGlen Taylor
Glenn TaylorGlenn Taylor
Grace TaylorGrace Taylor
Graeme TaylorGraeme Taylor
Graham TaylorGraham Taylor
Grant TaylorGrant Taylor
Greg TaylorGreg Taylor
Gregg TaylorGregg Taylor
Hannah TaylorHannah Taylor
Harriet TaylorHarriet Taylor
Harrison TaylorHarrison Taylor
Harry TaylorHarry Taylor
Hayley TaylorHayley Taylor
Hazel TaylorHazel Taylor
Heather TaylorHeather Taylor
Heidi TaylorHeidi Taylor
Helen TaylorHelen Taylor
Henry TaylorHenry Taylor
Herbert TaylorHerbert Taylor
Hollie TaylorHollie Taylor
Holly TaylorHolly Taylor
Howard TaylorHoward Taylor
Hugh TaylorHugh Taylor
Hugo TaylorHugo Taylor
Ian TaylorIan Taylor
Irene TaylorIrene Taylor
Isabelle TaylorIsabelle Taylor
Jack TaylorJack Taylor
Jackie TaylorJackie Taylor
Jacky TaylorJacky Taylor
Jacob TaylorJacob Taylor
Jacqueline TaylorJacqueline Taylor
Jacqui TaylorJacqui Taylor
Jade TaylorJade Taylor
Jaime TaylorJaime Taylor
Jake TaylorJake Taylor
James TaylorJames Taylor
Jamie TaylorJamie Taylor
Jana TaylorJana Taylor
Jane TaylorJane Taylor
Janet TaylorJanet Taylor
Janice TaylorJanice Taylor
Janine TaylorJanine Taylor
Jared TaylorJared Taylor
Jasmine TaylorJasmine Taylor
Jason TaylorJason Taylor
Jay TaylorJay Taylor
Jayne TaylorJayne Taylor
Jean TaylorJean Taylor
Jeanette TaylorJeanette Taylor
Jeannie TaylorJeannie Taylor
Jed TaylorJed Taylor
Jeff TaylorJeff Taylor
Jemma TaylorJemma Taylor
Jenni TaylorJenni Taylor
Jennie TaylorJennie Taylor
Jennifer TaylorJennifer Taylor
Jenny TaylorJenny Taylor
Jeremy TaylorJeremy Taylor
Jerome TaylorJerome Taylor
Jerry TaylorJerry Taylor
Jess TaylorJess Taylor
Jesse TaylorJesse Taylor
Jessica TaylorJessica Taylor
Jill TaylorJill Taylor
Jim TaylorJim Taylor
Jimmy TaylorJimmy Taylor
Jo TaylorJo Taylor
Joann TaylorJoann Taylor
Joanna TaylorJoanna Taylor
Joanne TaylorJoanne Taylor
Jodi TaylorJodi Taylor
Jodie TaylorJodie Taylor
Jody TaylorJody Taylor
Joe TaylorJoe Taylor
Joel TaylorJoel Taylor
Joey TaylorJoey Taylor
John TaylorJohn Taylor
Jolene TaylorJolene Taylor
Jon TaylorJon Taylor
Jonathan TaylorJonathan Taylor
Jonathon TaylorJonathon Taylor
Jonny TaylorJonny Taylor
Joseph TaylorJoseph Taylor
Josh TaylorJosh Taylor
Joshua TaylorJoshua Taylor
Josie TaylorJosie Taylor
Joy TaylorJoy Taylor
Joyce TaylorJoyce Taylor
Judith TaylorJudith Taylor
Julia TaylorJulia Taylor
Julie TaylorJulie Taylor
Juliette TaylorJuliette Taylor
Julius TaylorJulius Taylor
June TaylorJune Taylor
Justin TaylorJustin Taylor
Justine TaylorJustine Taylor
Kane TaylorKane Taylor
Karen TaylorKaren Taylor
Karl TaylorKarl Taylor
Kat TaylorKat Taylor
Kate TaylorKate Taylor
Katherine TaylorKatherine Taylor
Kathleen TaylorKathleen Taylor
Kathryn TaylorKathryn Taylor
Kathy TaylorKathy Taylor
Katie TaylorKatie Taylor
Katrina TaylorKatrina Taylor
Katy TaylorKaty Taylor
Kay TaylorKay Taylor
Kayleigh TaylorKayleigh Taylor
Keiron TaylorKeiron Taylor
Keith TaylorKeith Taylor
Kellie TaylorKellie Taylor
Kelly TaylorKelly Taylor
Ken TaylorKen Taylor
Kendra TaylorKendra Taylor
Kenneth TaylorKenneth Taylor
Kenny TaylorKenny Taylor
Keri TaylorKeri Taylor
Kerrie TaylorKerrie Taylor
Kerry TaylorKerry Taylor
Kevin TaylorKevin Taylor
Kieran TaylorKieran Taylor
Kieron TaylorKieron Taylor
Kim TaylorKim Taylor
Kimberley TaylorKimberley Taylor
Kimberly TaylorKimberly Taylor
Kirstie TaylorKirstie Taylor
Kirsty TaylorKirsty Taylor
Kris TaylorKris Taylor
Kristen TaylorKristen Taylor
Kristie TaylorKristie Taylor
Kristina TaylorKristina Taylor
Kristopher TaylorKristopher Taylor
Krystal TaylorKrystal Taylor
Kurt TaylorKurt Taylor
Kyle TaylorKyle Taylor
Kylie TaylorKylie Taylor
Lana TaylorLana Taylor
Laura TaylorLaura Taylor
Lauren TaylorLauren Taylor
Laurence TaylorLaurence Taylor
Laurie TaylorLaurie Taylor
Leah TaylorLeah Taylor
Leanne TaylorLeanne Taylor
Lee TaylorLee Taylor
Leigh TaylorLeigh Taylor
Leon TaylorLeon Taylor
Lesley TaylorLesley Taylor
Leslie TaylorLeslie Taylor
Leticia TaylorLeticia Taylor
Levi TaylorLevi Taylor
Lewis TaylorLewis Taylor
Liam TaylorLiam Taylor
Lianne TaylorLianne Taylor
Lillian TaylorLillian Taylor
Lily TaylorLily Taylor
Linda TaylorLinda Taylor
Lindsay TaylorLindsay Taylor
Lindsey TaylorLindsey Taylor
Linzi TaylorLinzi Taylor
Lisa TaylorLisa Taylor
Liz TaylorLiz Taylor
Lizzy TaylorLizzy Taylor
Lloyd TaylorLloyd Taylor
Logan TaylorLogan Taylor
Lois TaylorLois Taylor
Loren TaylorLoren Taylor
Lorena TaylorLorena Taylor
Lorraine TaylorLorraine Taylor
Lou TaylorLou Taylor
Louis TaylorLouis Taylor
Louise TaylorLouise Taylor
Luci TaylorLuci Taylor
Lucie TaylorLucie Taylor
Lucy TaylorLucy Taylor
Luke TaylorLuke Taylor
Lydia TaylorLydia Taylor
Lynda TaylorLynda Taylor
Lyndsey TaylorLyndsey Taylor
Lynette TaylorLynette Taylor
Lynn TaylorLynn Taylor
Lynne TaylorLynne Taylor
Lynsey TaylorLynsey Taylor
Madeline TaylorMadeline Taylor
Mae TaylorMae Taylor
Maggie TaylorMaggie Taylor
Malcolm TaylorMalcolm Taylor
Mandy TaylorMandy Taylor
Marc TaylorMarc Taylor
Marco TaylorMarco Taylor
Marcus TaylorMarcus Taylor
Margaret TaylorMargaret Taylor
Margie TaylorMargie Taylor
Maria TaylorMaria Taylor
Marianne TaylorMarianne Taylor
Marie TaylorMarie Taylor
Marilyn TaylorMarilyn Taylor
Marina TaylorMarina Taylor
Marion TaylorMarion Taylor
Mark TaylorMark Taylor
Marlene TaylorMarlene Taylor
Martin TaylorMartin Taylor
Martyn TaylorMartyn Taylor
Mary TaylorMary Taylor
Mat TaylorMat Taylor
Matt TaylorMatt Taylor
Matthew TaylorMatthew Taylor
Matty TaylorMatty Taylor
Maureen TaylorMaureen Taylor
Max TaylorMax Taylor
Maxine TaylorMaxine Taylor
May TaylorMay Taylor
Megan TaylorMegan Taylor
Mel TaylorMel Taylor
Melanie TaylorMelanie Taylor
Melinda TaylorMelinda Taylor
Melissa TaylorMelissa Taylor
Mia TaylorMia Taylor
Michael TaylorMichael Taylor
Michaela TaylorMichaela Taylor
Michele TaylorMichele Taylor
Michelle TaylorMichelle Taylor
Mick TaylorMick Taylor
Mike TaylorMike Taylor
Mikey TaylorMikey Taylor
Mitch TaylorMitch Taylor
Mitchell TaylorMitchell Taylor
Molly TaylorMolly Taylor
Monica TaylorMonica Taylor
Morris TaylorMorris Taylor
Nadine TaylorNadine Taylor
Nancy TaylorNancy Taylor
Naomi TaylorNaomi Taylor
Nat TaylorNat Taylor
Natalie TaylorNatalie Taylor
Natasha TaylorNatasha Taylor
Nathan TaylorNathan Taylor
Nathaniel TaylorNathaniel Taylor
Neal TaylorNeal Taylor
Neil TaylorNeil Taylor
Nichola TaylorNichola Taylor
Nicholas TaylorNicholas Taylor
Nick TaylorNick Taylor
Nicki TaylorNicki Taylor
Nicky TaylorNicky Taylor
Nicola TaylorNicola Taylor
Nicole TaylorNicole Taylor
Nigel TaylorNigel Taylor
Niki TaylorNiki Taylor
Nikki TaylorNikki Taylor
Nina TaylorNina Taylor
Noel TaylorNoel Taylor
Nora TaylorNora Taylor
Norma TaylorNorma Taylor
Olga TaylorOlga Taylor
Oliver TaylorOliver Taylor
Olivia TaylorOlivia Taylor
Omar TaylorOmar Taylor
Otis TaylorOtis Taylor
Pam TaylorPam Taylor
Pamela TaylorPamela Taylor
Pat TaylorPat Taylor
Patricia TaylorPatricia Taylor
Patrick TaylorPatrick Taylor
Patsy TaylorPatsy Taylor
Paul TaylorPaul Taylor
Pauline TaylorPauline Taylor
Penny TaylorPenny Taylor
Pete TaylorPete Taylor
Peter TaylorPeter Taylor
Phil TaylorPhil Taylor
Philip TaylorPhilip Taylor
Philippa TaylorPhilippa Taylor
Phillip TaylorPhillip Taylor
Phoebe TaylorPhoebe Taylor
Pierre TaylorPierre Taylor
Piers TaylorPiers Taylor
Pippa TaylorPippa Taylor
Rachael TaylorRachael Taylor
Racheal TaylorRacheal Taylor
Rachel TaylorRachel Taylor
Randy TaylorRandy Taylor
Ray TaylorRay Taylor
Raymond TaylorRaymond Taylor
Rebecca TaylorRebecca Taylor
Reece TaylorReece Taylor
Renee TaylorRenee Taylor
Rhys TaylorRhys Taylor
Ria TaylorRia Taylor
Richard TaylorRichard Taylor
Richie TaylorRichie Taylor
Rick TaylorRick Taylor
Ricky TaylorRicky Taylor
Rikki TaylorRikki Taylor
Rob TaylorRob Taylor
Robbie TaylorRobbie Taylor
Robert TaylorRobert Taylor
Robin TaylorRobin Taylor
Robyn TaylorRobyn Taylor
Rochelle TaylorRochelle Taylor
Rodney TaylorRodney Taylor
Roger TaylorRoger Taylor
Ronnie TaylorRonnie Taylor
Rory TaylorRory Taylor
Rose TaylorRose Taylor
Rosie TaylorRosie Taylor
Ross TaylorRoss Taylor
Roxanne TaylorRoxanne Taylor
Roy TaylorRoy Taylor
Ruby TaylorRuby Taylor
Russell TaylorRussell Taylor
Ruth TaylorRuth Taylor
Ryan TaylorRyan Taylor
Sally TaylorSally Taylor
Sam TaylorSam Taylor
Samantha TaylorSamantha Taylor
Sammy TaylorSammy Taylor
Samuel TaylorSamuel Taylor
Sandra TaylorSandra Taylor
Sandy TaylorSandy Taylor
Sara TaylorSara Taylor
Sarah TaylorSarah Taylor
Saul TaylorSaul Taylor
Scarlett TaylorScarlett Taylor
Scott TaylorScott Taylor
Scotty TaylorScotty Taylor
Sean TaylorSean Taylor
Seb TaylorSeb Taylor
Shane TaylorShane Taylor
Shannon TaylorShannon Taylor
Sharlene TaylorSharlene Taylor
Sharon TaylorSharon Taylor
Shaun TaylorShaun Taylor
Shauna TaylorShauna Taylor
Shawn TaylorShawn Taylor
Shawna TaylorShawna Taylor
Shaz TaylorShaz Taylor
Sheila TaylorSheila Taylor
Shelley TaylorShelley Taylor
Sherry TaylorSherry Taylor
Sheryl TaylorSheryl Taylor
Shirley TaylorShirley Taylor
Shona TaylorShona Taylor
Sian TaylorSian Taylor
Simon TaylorSimon Taylor
Skye TaylorSkye Taylor
Sonia TaylorSonia Taylor
Sonya TaylorSonya Taylor
Sophia TaylorSophia Taylor
Sophie TaylorSophie Taylor
Spencer TaylorSpencer Taylor
Stacey TaylorStacey Taylor
Stacy TaylorStacy Taylor
Stef TaylorStef Taylor
Stefan TaylorStefan Taylor
Stella TaylorStella Taylor
Steph TaylorSteph Taylor
Stephanie TaylorStephanie Taylor
Stephen TaylorStephen Taylor
Steve TaylorSteve Taylor
Steven TaylorSteven Taylor
Stevie TaylorStevie Taylor
Stewart TaylorStewart Taylor
Stu TaylorStu Taylor
Stuart TaylorStuart Taylor
Sue TaylorSue Taylor
Susan TaylorSusan Taylor
Susie TaylorSusie Taylor
Suzanne TaylorSuzanne Taylor
Suzy TaylorSuzy Taylor
Sylvia TaylorSylvia Taylor
Tamara TaylorTamara Taylor
Tami TaylorTami Taylor
Tammy TaylorTammy Taylor
Tanya TaylorTanya Taylor
Tara TaylorTara Taylor
Tasha TaylorTasha Taylor
Teresa TaylorTeresa Taylor
Terri TaylorTerri Taylor
Terry TaylorTerry Taylor
Thomas TaylorThomas Taylor
Tia TaylorTia Taylor
Tiffany TaylorTiffany Taylor
Tim TaylorTim Taylor
Timothy TaylorTimothy Taylor
Tina TaylorTina Taylor
Toby TaylorToby Taylor
Todd TaylorTodd Taylor
Tom TaylorTom Taylor
Tomas TaylorTomas Taylor
Tommy TaylorTommy Taylor
Tony TaylorTony Taylor
Tracey TaylorTracey Taylor
Tracy TaylorTracy Taylor
Travis TaylorTravis Taylor
Trent TaylorTrent Taylor
Trevor TaylorTrevor Taylor
Trish TaylorTrish Taylor
Troy TaylorTroy Taylor
Tyler TaylorTyler Taylor
Vanessa TaylorVanessa Taylor
Veronica TaylorVeronica Taylor
Vic TaylorVic Taylor
Vicki TaylorVicki Taylor
Vickie TaylorVickie Taylor
Vicky TaylorVicky Taylor
Victoria TaylorVictoria Taylor
Vikki TaylorVikki Taylor
Vinnie TaylorVinnie Taylor
Warren TaylorWarren Taylor
Wayne TaylorWayne Taylor
Wendy TaylorWendy Taylor
Wesley TaylorWesley Taylor
Will TaylorWill Taylor
William TaylorWilliam Taylor
Willis TaylorWillis Taylor
Winston TaylorWinston Taylor
Yasmin TaylorYasmin Taylor
Yvette TaylorYvette Taylor
Yvonne TaylorYvonne Taylor
Zac TaylorZac Taylor
Zack TaylorZack Taylor
Zak TaylorZak Taylor
Zoe TaylorZoe Taylor

Family history research states that the family name Taylor has been about since the 1700's. The first documented data of the surname is from the region of Warwickshire. The 1921 UK census shows increased use of the surname. Using death certificates we are able to calculate the average life expectancy of a Taylor is 104 years.

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