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Aaron Shaw
Aaron Shaw
Abi Shaw
Abi Shaw
Adam Shaw
Adam Shaw
Aidan Shaw
Aidan Shaw
Aimee Shaw
Aimee Shaw
Alan Shaw
Alan Shaw
Alex Shaw
Alex Shaw
Ali Shaw
Ali Shaw
Alison Shaw
Alison Shaw
Allan Shaw
Allan Shaw
Allie Shaw
Allie Shaw
Amanda Shaw
Amanda Shaw
Amelia Shaw
Amelia Shaw
Amy Shaw
Amy Shaw
Andre Shaw
Andre Shaw
Andrea Shaw
Andrea Shaw
Andrew Shaw
Andrew Shaw
Andy Shaw
Andy Shaw
Angela Shaw
Angela Shaw
Anita Shaw
Anita Shaw
Ann Shaw
Ann Shaw
Anna Shaw
Anna Shaw
Annette Shaw
Annette Shaw
Anthony Shaw
Anthony Shaw
April Shaw
April Shaw
Arran Shaw
Arran Shaw
Ash Shaw
Ash Shaw
Ashley Shaw
Ashley Shaw

Audrey ShawAudrey Shaw
Barbara ShawBarbara Shaw
Barry ShawBarry Shaw
Becca ShawBecca Shaw
Becki ShawBecki Shaw
Beckie ShawBeckie Shaw
Becky ShawBecky Shaw
Belinda ShawBelinda Shaw
Ben ShawBen Shaw
Bernice ShawBernice Shaw
Bev ShawBev Shaw
Bill ShawBill Shaw
Blake ShawBlake Shaw
Bob ShawBob Shaw
Brad ShawBrad Shaw
Bradley ShawBradley Shaw
Brendan ShawBrendan Shaw
Brett ShawBrett Shaw
Brian ShawBrian Shaw
Brooke ShawBrooke Shaw
Bruce ShawBruce Shaw
Callum ShawCallum Shaw
Calum ShawCalum Shaw
Cameron ShawCameron Shaw
Carl ShawCarl Shaw
Carol ShawCarol Shaw
Caroline ShawCaroline Shaw
Carolyn ShawCarolyn Shaw
Casey ShawCasey Shaw
Chantelle ShawChantelle Shaw
Charlene ShawCharlene Shaw
Charles ShawCharles Shaw
Charlie ShawCharlie Shaw
Charlotte ShawCharlotte Shaw
Chelsea ShawChelsea Shaw
Chelsey ShawChelsey Shaw
Cheryl ShawCheryl Shaw
Chloe ShawChloe Shaw
Chris ShawChris Shaw
Christina ShawChristina Shaw
Christine ShawChristine Shaw
Christopher ShawChristopher Shaw
Clair ShawClair Shaw
Claire ShawClaire Shaw
Clare ShawClare Shaw
Clint ShawClint Shaw
Colin ShawColin Shaw
Craig ShawCraig Shaw
Dale ShawDale Shaw
Damon ShawDamon Shaw
Dan ShawDan Shaw
Daniel ShawDaniel Shaw
Danielle ShawDanielle Shaw
Danny ShawDanny Shaw
Darlene ShawDarlene Shaw
Darren ShawDarren Shaw
Dave ShawDave Shaw
David ShawDavid Shaw
Dawn ShawDawn Shaw
Dean ShawDean Shaw
Debbie ShawDebbie Shaw
Deborah ShawDeborah Shaw
Dee ShawDee Shaw
Della ShawDella Shaw
Denise ShawDenise Shaw
Dennis ShawDennis Shaw
Derek ShawDerek Shaw
Dominic ShawDominic Shaw
Donna ShawDonna Shaw
Doug ShawDoug Shaw
Drew ShawDrew Shaw
Ed ShawEd Shaw
Eddie ShawEddie Shaw
Elaine ShawElaine Shaw
Elissa ShawElissa Shaw
Elizabeth ShawElizabeth Shaw
Ella ShawElla Shaw
Ellie ShawEllie Shaw
Ellis ShawEllis Shaw
Emily ShawEmily Shaw
Emma ShawEmma Shaw
Eric ShawEric Shaw
Erica ShawErica Shaw
Erin ShawErin Shaw
Evan ShawEvan Shaw
Faye ShawFaye Shaw
Fiona ShawFiona Shaw
Francesca ShawFrancesca Shaw
Gareth ShawGareth Shaw
Garry ShawGarry Shaw
Gary ShawGary Shaw
Gavin ShawGavin Shaw
Gemma ShawGemma Shaw
Geoff ShawGeoff Shaw
George ShawGeorge Shaw
Gill ShawGill Shaw
Gillian ShawGillian Shaw
Gina ShawGina Shaw
Glen ShawGlen Shaw
Glenn ShawGlenn Shaw
Gordon ShawGordon Shaw
Grace ShawGrace Shaw
Graeme ShawGraeme Shaw
Graham ShawGraham Shaw
Gregory ShawGregory Shaw
Haley ShawHaley Shaw
Hannah ShawHannah Shaw
Hayley ShawHayley Shaw
Heather ShawHeather Shaw
Heidi ShawHeidi Shaw
Helen ShawHelen Shaw
Hollie ShawHollie Shaw
Holly ShawHolly Shaw
Howard ShawHoward Shaw
Ian ShawIan Shaw
Ivan ShawIvan Shaw
Jack ShawJack Shaw
Jackie ShawJackie Shaw
Jacob ShawJacob Shaw
Jacqueline ShawJacqueline Shaw
Jake ShawJake Shaw
James ShawJames Shaw
Jamie ShawJamie Shaw
Janine ShawJanine Shaw
Jasmine ShawJasmine Shaw
Jason ShawJason Shaw
Jayne ShawJayne Shaw
Jean ShawJean Shaw
Jeff ShawJeff Shaw
Jemma ShawJemma Shaw
Jen ShawJen Shaw
Jenni ShawJenni Shaw
Jennie ShawJennie Shaw
Jennifer ShawJennifer Shaw
Jenny ShawJenny Shaw
Jesse ShawJesse Shaw
Jessica ShawJessica Shaw
Jim ShawJim Shaw
Jimmy ShawJimmy Shaw
Jo ShawJo Shaw
Joanne ShawJoanne Shaw
Jodie ShawJodie Shaw
Joe ShawJoe Shaw
John ShawJohn Shaw
Jon ShawJon Shaw
Jonathan ShawJonathan Shaw
Jonny ShawJonny Shaw
Josh ShawJosh Shaw
Joy ShawJoy Shaw
Judith ShawJudith Shaw
Julian ShawJulian Shaw
Julie ShawJulie Shaw
Justin ShawJustin Shaw
Justine ShawJustine Shaw
Kane ShawKane Shaw
Karen ShawKaren Shaw
Karl ShawKarl Shaw
Kat ShawKat Shaw
Kate ShawKate Shaw
Kathy ShawKathy Shaw
Katie ShawKatie Shaw
Katrina ShawKatrina Shaw
Katy ShawKaty Shaw
Kay ShawKay Shaw
Keith ShawKeith Shaw
Kelly ShawKelly Shaw
Keri ShawKeri Shaw
Kerry ShawKerry Shaw
Kev ShawKev Shaw
Kevin ShawKevin Shaw
Kieran ShawKieran Shaw
Kim ShawKim Shaw
Kimberley ShawKimberley Shaw
Kirsty ShawKirsty Shaw
Kris ShawKris Shaw
Krista ShawKrista Shaw
Kristie ShawKristie Shaw
Kristina ShawKristina Shaw
Kurt ShawKurt Shaw
Larry ShawLarry Shaw
Laura ShawLaura Shaw
Lauren ShawLauren Shaw
Laurie ShawLaurie Shaw
Leah ShawLeah Shaw
Leanna ShawLeanna Shaw
Leanne ShawLeanne Shaw
Lee ShawLee Shaw
Leigh ShawLeigh Shaw
Leon ShawLeon Shaw
Lewis ShawLewis Shaw
Liam ShawLiam Shaw
Lianne ShawLianne Shaw
Lindsay ShawLindsay Shaw
Lisa ShawLisa Shaw
Lloyd ShawLloyd Shaw
Lois ShawLois Shaw
Lorraine ShawLorraine Shaw
Louisa ShawLouisa Shaw
Louise ShawLouise Shaw
Lucy ShawLucy Shaw
Luke ShawLuke Shaw
Lynn ShawLynn Shaw
Lynne ShawLynne Shaw
Mandy ShawMandy Shaw
Marcus ShawMarcus Shaw
Margaret ShawMargaret Shaw
Marie ShawMarie Shaw
Mark ShawMark Shaw
Martin ShawMartin Shaw
Martyn ShawMartyn Shaw
Mary ShawMary Shaw
Matt ShawMatt Shaw
Matthew ShawMatthew Shaw
Matty ShawMatty Shaw
Maurice ShawMaurice Shaw
Max ShawMax Shaw
Maxine ShawMaxine Shaw
Mel ShawMel Shaw
Melanie ShawMelanie Shaw
Melissa ShawMelissa Shaw
Melody ShawMelody Shaw
Micah ShawMicah Shaw
Michael ShawMichael Shaw
Michaela ShawMichaela Shaw
Michele ShawMichele Shaw
Michelle ShawMichelle Shaw
Mick ShawMick Shaw
Mike ShawMike Shaw
Mikey ShawMikey Shaw
Nadine ShawNadine Shaw
Nancy ShawNancy Shaw
Nat ShawNat Shaw
Natalie ShawNatalie Shaw
Natasha ShawNatasha Shaw
Nathan ShawNathan Shaw
Neil ShawNeil Shaw
Nick ShawNick Shaw
Nicki ShawNicki Shaw
Nicky ShawNicky Shaw
Nicola ShawNicola Shaw
Nicole ShawNicole Shaw
Nigel ShawNigel Shaw
Niki ShawNiki Shaw
Nikki ShawNikki Shaw
Norman ShawNorman Shaw
Oliver ShawOliver Shaw
Olivia ShawOlivia Shaw
Owen ShawOwen Shaw
Pam ShawPam Shaw
Pamela ShawPamela Shaw
Paul ShawPaul Shaw
Paula ShawPaula Shaw
Pete ShawPete Shaw
Peter ShawPeter Shaw
Phil ShawPhil Shaw
Philip ShawPhilip Shaw
Philippa ShawPhilippa Shaw
Preston ShawPreston Shaw
Rachael ShawRachael Shaw
Rachel ShawRachel Shaw
Raymond ShawRaymond Shaw
Rebecca ShawRebecca Shaw
Rich ShawRich Shaw
Richard ShawRichard Shaw
Rick ShawRick Shaw
Ricky ShawRicky Shaw
Rob ShawRob Shaw
Robbie ShawRobbie Shaw
Robert ShawRobert Shaw
Robin ShawRobin Shaw
Rochelle ShawRochelle Shaw
Rodney ShawRodney Shaw
Ron ShawRon Shaw
Ronnie ShawRonnie Shaw
Ross ShawRoss Shaw
Roxanne ShawRoxanne Shaw
Russell ShawRussell Shaw
Ruth ShawRuth Shaw
Ryan ShawRyan Shaw
Sally ShawSally Shaw
Sam ShawSam Shaw
Samantha ShawSamantha Shaw
Sammy ShawSammy Shaw
Samuel ShawSamuel Shaw
Sara ShawSara Shaw
Sarah ShawSarah Shaw
Scott ShawScott Shaw
Sean ShawSean Shaw
Shane ShawShane Shaw
Sharon ShawSharon Shaw
Sheila ShawSheila Shaw
Shelley ShawShelley Shaw
Simon ShawSimon Shaw
Sophie ShawSophie Shaw
Stacey ShawStacey Shaw
Stefan ShawStefan Shaw
Steph ShawSteph Shaw
Stephanie ShawStephanie Shaw
Stephen ShawStephen Shaw
Steve ShawSteve Shaw
Steven ShawSteven Shaw
Stu ShawStu Shaw
Stuart ShawStuart Shaw
Sue ShawSue Shaw
Susan ShawSusan Shaw
Suzanne ShawSuzanne Shaw
Tammy ShawTammy Shaw
Tasha ShawTasha Shaw
Teresa ShawTeresa Shaw
Terrence ShawTerrence Shaw
Terri ShawTerri Shaw
Terry ShawTerry Shaw
Tim ShawTim Shaw
Tina ShawTina Shaw
Tom ShawTom Shaw
Tommy ShawTommy Shaw
Tony ShawTony Shaw
Tracey ShawTracey Shaw
Tracy ShawTracy Shaw
Tristan ShawTristan Shaw
Troy ShawTroy Shaw
Tyler ShawTyler Shaw
Vicki ShawVicki Shaw
Vickie ShawVickie Shaw
Warren ShawWarren Shaw
Wayne ShawWayne Shaw
Wendy ShawWendy Shaw
Will ShawWill Shaw
Willie ShawWillie Shaw
Yvonne ShawYvonne Shaw

Research released last year shows that the surname Shaw has been established for over four hundred years. We estimate there are around 17900 with the last name Shaw living in the United Kingdom. The 1931 census shows popular adoption of the surname. Public records clearly show an average life expectancy of the Shaw's as 95.

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