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Aaron Rogers
Aaron Rogers
Abby Rogers
Abby Rogers
Abi Rogers
Abi Rogers
Adam Rogers
Adam Rogers
Adrian Rogers
Adrian Rogers
Agnes Rogers
Agnes Rogers
Alan Rogers
Alan Rogers
Alex Rogers
Alex Rogers
Alexander Rogers
Alexander Rogers
Alexandra Rogers
Alexandra Rogers
Alicia Rogers
Alicia Rogers
Alison Rogers
Alison Rogers
Allison Rogers
Allison Rogers
Amanda Rogers
Amanda Rogers
Amy Rogers
Amy Rogers
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers
Andy Rogers
Andy Rogers
Anna Rogers
Anna Rogers
Anthony Rogers
Anthony Rogers
Antonio Rogers
Antonio Rogers
Antony Rogers
Antony Rogers
April Rogers
April Rogers
Arron Rogers
Arron Rogers
Arthur Rogers
Arthur Rogers
Ash Rogers
Ash Rogers
Ashleigh Rogers
Ashleigh Rogers
Ashley Rogers
Ashley Rogers
Barry Rogers
Barry Rogers

Becci RogersBecci Rogers
Beckie RogersBeckie Rogers
Ben RogersBen Rogers
Beth RogersBeth Rogers
Bethany RogersBethany Rogers
Bev RogersBev Rogers
Beverly RogersBeverly Rogers
Bill RogersBill Rogers
Blake RogersBlake Rogers
Bob RogersBob Rogers
Brad RogersBrad Rogers
Brenda RogersBrenda Rogers
Brett RogersBrett Rogers
Brian RogersBrian Rogers
Brittany RogersBrittany Rogers
Byron RogersByron Rogers
Callum RogersCallum Rogers
Calum RogersCalum Rogers
Calvin RogersCalvin Rogers
Carl RogersCarl Rogers
Carly RogersCarly Rogers
Carmen RogersCarmen Rogers
Carol RogersCarol Rogers
Caroline RogersCaroline Rogers
Carolyn RogersCarolyn Rogers
Carrie RogersCarrie Rogers
Cassie RogersCassie Rogers
Cat RogersCat Rogers
Catherine RogersCatherine Rogers
Chantelle RogersChantelle Rogers
Charlene RogersCharlene Rogers
Charlotte RogersCharlotte Rogers
Chelsea RogersChelsea Rogers
Cheryl RogersCheryl Rogers
Chloe RogersChloe Rogers
Chris RogersChris Rogers
Chris Rogers  Chris Rogers
Christina RogersChristina Rogers
Christine RogersChristine Rogers
Christopher RogersChristopher Rogers
Claire RogersClaire Rogers
Clare RogersClare Rogers
Colin RogersColin Rogers
Connie RogersConnie Rogers
Corey RogersCorey Rogers
Cory RogersCory Rogers
Courtney RogersCourtney Rogers
Craig RogersCraig Rogers
Crystal RogersCrystal Rogers
Curtis RogersCurtis Rogers
Dale RogersDale Rogers
Dallas RogersDallas Rogers
Damon RogersDamon Rogers
Dan RogersDan Rogers
Dani RogersDani Rogers
Daniel RogersDaniel Rogers
Danielle RogersDanielle Rogers
Danny RogersDanny Rogers
Darren RogersDarren Rogers
Dave RogersDave Rogers
David RogersDavid Rogers
Dawn RogersDawn Rogers
Dean RogersDean Rogers
Debbie RogersDebbie Rogers
Declan RogersDeclan Rogers
Destiny RogersDestiny Rogers
Diane RogersDiane Rogers
Dom RogersDom Rogers
Don RogersDon Rogers
Donna RogersDonna Rogers
Doug RogersDoug Rogers
Duncan RogersDuncan Rogers
Dwayne RogersDwayne Rogers
Eddie RogersEddie Rogers
Edward RogersEdward Rogers
Eileen RogersEileen Rogers
Eleanor RogersEleanor Rogers
Elizabeth RogersElizabeth Rogers
Ellen RogersEllen Rogers
Ellie RogersEllie Rogers
Ellis RogersEllis Rogers
Emily RogersEmily Rogers
Emma RogersEmma Rogers
Eric RogersEric Rogers
Erica RogersErica Rogers
Ernest RogersErnest Rogers
Ernie RogersErnie Rogers
Faye RogersFaye Rogers
Felicia RogersFelicia Rogers
Gail RogersGail Rogers
Gareth RogersGareth Rogers
Garrett RogersGarrett Rogers
Gary RogersGary Rogers
Gavin RogersGavin Rogers
Gemma RogersGemma Rogers
Geoff RogersGeoff Rogers
George RogersGeorge Rogers
Georgia RogersGeorgia Rogers
Georgie RogersGeorgie Rogers
Gerald RogersGerald Rogers
Gillian RogersGillian Rogers
Gina RogersGina Rogers
Glen RogersGlen Rogers
Grace RogersGrace Rogers
Graeme RogersGraeme Rogers
Graham RogersGraham Rogers
Grant RogersGrant Rogers
Gregory RogersGregory Rogers
Guy RogersGuy Rogers
Haley RogersHaley Rogers
Hannah RogersHannah Rogers
Harry RogersHarry Rogers
Harvey RogersHarvey Rogers
Hayley RogersHayley Rogers
Heather RogersHeather Rogers
Heidi RogersHeidi Rogers
Helen RogersHelen Rogers
Holly RogersHolly Rogers
Hope RogersHope Rogers
Ian RogersIan Rogers
Imogen RogersImogen Rogers
Jack RogersJack Rogers
Jackie RogersJackie Rogers
Jade RogersJade Rogers
James RogersJames Rogers
Jamie RogersJamie Rogers
Jane RogersJane Rogers
Janet RogersJanet Rogers
Janice RogersJanice Rogers
Jared RogersJared Rogers
Jason RogersJason Rogers
Jay RogersJay Rogers
Jayne RogersJayne Rogers
Jenna RogersJenna Rogers
Jennie RogersJennie Rogers
Jennifer RogersJennifer Rogers
Jenny RogersJenny Rogers
Jeremy RogersJeremy Rogers
Jess RogersJess Rogers
Jessica RogersJessica Rogers
Jill RogersJill Rogers
Jim RogersJim Rogers
Jimmy RogersJimmy Rogers
Jo RogersJo Rogers
Joanna RogersJoanna Rogers
Jodie RogersJodie Rogers
Joe RogersJoe Rogers
Joel RogersJoel Rogers
John RogersJohn Rogers
Johnny RogersJohnny Rogers
Jon RogersJon Rogers
Jonathan RogersJonathan Rogers
Jonny RogersJonny Rogers
Joseph RogersJoseph Rogers
Josh RogersJosh Rogers
Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers
Joyce RogersJoyce Rogers
Judy RogersJudy Rogers
Julia RogersJulia Rogers
Julie RogersJulie Rogers
June RogersJune Rogers
Karen RogersKaren Rogers
Karl RogersKarl Rogers
Kate RogersKate Rogers
Kathleen RogersKathleen Rogers
Kathryn RogersKathryn Rogers
Katie RogersKatie Rogers
Katy RogersKaty Rogers
Kay RogersKay Rogers
Keith RogersKeith Rogers
Kelli RogersKelli Rogers
Kelly RogersKelly Rogers
Kendra RogersKendra Rogers
Kenny RogersKenny Rogers
Kerry RogersKerry Rogers
Kev RogersKev Rogers
Kevin RogersKevin Rogers
Kieran RogersKieran Rogers
Kim RogersKim Rogers
Kimberley RogersKimberley Rogers
Kirk RogersKirk Rogers
Kirsty RogersKirsty Rogers
Kris RogersKris Rogers
Kristy RogersKristy Rogers
Kyle RogersKyle Rogers
Kylie RogersKylie Rogers
Lance RogersLance Rogers
Laura RogersLaura Rogers
Laurie RogersLaurie Rogers
Leah RogersLeah Rogers
Leanne RogersLeanne Rogers
Lee RogersLee Rogers
Leigh RogersLeigh Rogers
Leroy RogersLeroy Rogers
Lesley RogersLesley Rogers
Levi RogersLevi Rogers
Lewis RogersLewis Rogers
Liam RogersLiam Rogers
Lily RogersLily Rogers
Linda RogersLinda Rogers
Lindsay RogersLindsay Rogers
Lindsey RogersLindsey Rogers
Lionel RogersLionel Rogers
Lisa RogersLisa Rogers
Liz RogersLiz Rogers
Liza RogersLiza Rogers
Loretta RogersLoretta Rogers
Lorraine RogersLorraine Rogers
Louis RogersLouis Rogers
Louise RogersLouise Rogers
Lucy RogersLucy Rogers
Luke RogersLuke Rogers
Lydia RogersLydia Rogers
Lyndsey RogersLyndsey Rogers
Marc RogersMarc Rogers
Maria RogersMaria Rogers
Marie RogersMarie Rogers
Marilyn RogersMarilyn Rogers
Mark RogersMark Rogers
Martha RogersMartha Rogers
Martin RogersMartin Rogers
Marty RogersMarty Rogers
Matt RogersMatt Rogers
Matthew RogersMatthew Rogers
Matty RogersMatty Rogers
Max RogersMax Rogers
Meg RogersMeg Rogers
Megan RogersMegan Rogers
Meghan RogersMeghan Rogers
Melanie RogersMelanie Rogers
Melissa RogersMelissa Rogers
Melvin RogersMelvin Rogers
Michael RogersMichael Rogers
Michelle RogersMichelle Rogers
Mike RogersMike Rogers
Mitchell RogersMitchell Rogers
Myron RogersMyron Rogers
Nancy RogersNancy Rogers
Naomi RogersNaomi Rogers
Natalie RogersNatalie Rogers
Natasha RogersNatasha Rogers
Nathan RogersNathan Rogers
Neil RogersNeil Rogers
Nicholas RogersNicholas Rogers
Nick RogersNick Rogers
Nicky RogersNicky Rogers
Nicola RogersNicola Rogers
Nicole RogersNicole Rogers
Nikki RogersNikki Rogers
Norman RogersNorman Rogers
Olivia RogersOlivia Rogers
Owen RogersOwen Rogers
Patrick RogersPatrick Rogers
Paul RogersPaul Rogers
Paula RogersPaula Rogers
Paulo RogersPaulo Rogers
Perry RogersPerry Rogers
Peter RogersPeter Rogers
Phil RogersPhil Rogers
Philip RogersPhilip Rogers
Phoebe RogersPhoebe Rogers
Rachael RogersRachael Rogers
Rachel RogersRachel Rogers
Ralph RogersRalph Rogers
Rebecca RogersRebecca Rogers
Richard RogersRichard Rogers
Rick RogersRick Rogers
Ricky RogersRicky Rogers
Rob RogersRob Rogers
Robbie RogersRobbie Rogers
Robert RogersRobert Rogers
Robin RogersRobin Rogers
Robyn RogersRobyn Rogers
Rodney RogersRodney Rogers
Ron RogersRon Rogers
Rose RogersRose Rogers
Ross RogersRoss Rogers
Roxy RogersRoxy Rogers
Russell RogersRussell Rogers
Ruth RogersRuth Rogers
Ryan RogersRyan Rogers
Sabrina RogersSabrina Rogers
Sadie RogersSadie Rogers
Sam RogersSam Rogers
Samantha RogersSamantha Rogers
Sammy RogersSammy Rogers
Samuel RogersSamuel Rogers
Sarah RogersSarah Rogers
Scott RogersScott Rogers
Sean RogersSean Rogers
Seb RogersSeb Rogers
Sharon RogersSharon Rogers
Shawn RogersShawn Rogers
Sian RogersSian Rogers
Simon RogersSimon Rogers
Sonia RogersSonia Rogers
Sophia RogersSophia Rogers
Stacey RogersStacey Rogers
Stef RogersStef Rogers
Stephanie RogersStephanie Rogers
Stephen RogersStephen Rogers
Steve RogersSteve Rogers
Steven RogersSteven Rogers
Stewart RogersStewart Rogers
Stu RogersStu Rogers
Stuart RogersStuart Rogers
Sue RogersSue Rogers
Sylvia RogersSylvia Rogers
Tanya RogersTanya Rogers
Tara RogersTara Rogers
Terri RogersTerri Rogers
Thelma RogersThelma Rogers
Theo RogersTheo Rogers
Theresa RogersTheresa Rogers
Tim RogersTim Rogers
Tina RogersTina Rogers
Toby RogersToby Rogers
Tom RogersTom Rogers
Tommy RogersTommy Rogers
Toni RogersToni Rogers
Tony RogersTony Rogers
Tracey RogersTracey Rogers
Tracie RogersTracie Rogers
Tracy RogersTracy Rogers
Travis RogersTravis Rogers
Trent RogersTrent Rogers
Troy RogersTroy Rogers
Tyler RogersTyler Rogers
Val RogersVal Rogers
Vanessa RogersVanessa Rogers
Vicky RogersVicky Rogers
Victor RogersVictor Rogers
Victoria RogersVictoria Rogers
Vikki RogersVikki Rogers
Wade RogersWade Rogers
Wanda RogersWanda Rogers
Warren RogersWarren Rogers
Wayne RogersWayne Rogers
Wendy RogersWendy Rogers
Will RogersWill Rogers
William RogersWilliam Rogers
Yasmin RogersYasmin Rogers
Zara RogersZara Rogers
Zoe RogersZoe Rogers

Recent research has estimated that the family name Rogers has been used since the seventeenth century. The word Rogers is thought to have possibly come from an Norman word. Historical records clearly show an average age of death of the Rogers's as 93 years and 3 months.

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