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Abi Rice
Abi Rice
Adam Rice
Adam Rice
Alice Rice
Alice Rice
Amy Rice
Amy Rice
Andrea Rice
Andrea Rice
Andy Rice
Andy Rice
Angela Rice
Angela Rice
Anna Rice
Anna Rice
Annabel Rice
Annabel Rice
Anne Rice
Anne Rice
Antony Rice
Antony Rice
Ashley Rice
Ashley Rice
Becky Rice
Becky Rice
Ben Rice
Ben Rice
Beverly Rice
Beverly Rice
Billie Rice
Billie Rice
Bobby Rice
Bobby Rice
Brian Rice
Brian Rice
Brittany Rice
Brittany Rice
Bruce Rice
Bruce Rice
Bryan Rice
Bryan Rice
Cameron Rice
Cameron Rice
Carl Rice
Carl Rice
Caroline Rice
Caroline Rice
Carrie Rice
Carrie Rice
Chantal Rice
Chantal Rice
Charlie Rice
Charlie Rice
Charlotte Rice
Charlotte Rice

Cheryl RiceCheryl Rice
Chris RiceChris Rice
Craig RiceCraig Rice
Dan RiceDan Rice
Dani RiceDani Rice
Daniel RiceDaniel Rice
Danielle RiceDanielle Rice
Darin RiceDarin Rice
Dave RiceDave Rice
David RiceDavid Rice
Dayna RiceDayna Rice
Debbie RiceDebbie Rice
Debra RiceDebra Rice
Dianne RiceDianne Rice
Donna RiceDonna Rice
Duane RiceDuane Rice
Emma RiceEmma Rice
Emmanuel RiceEmmanuel Rice
Erica RiceErica Rice
Faye RiceFaye Rice
Gemma RiceGemma Rice
George RiceGeorge Rice
Gerry RiceGerry Rice
Gladys RiceGladys Rice
Hannah RiceHannah Rice
Harry RiceHarry Rice
Hayley RiceHayley Rice
Heather RiceHeather Rice
Helen RiceHelen Rice
Ian RiceIan Rice
Jack RiceJack Rice
James RiceJames Rice
Jane RiceJane Rice
Jason RiceJason Rice
Jay RiceJay Rice
Jennifer RiceJennifer Rice
Jess RiceJess Rice
Jessica RiceJessica Rice
Jo RiceJo Rice
Joanna RiceJoanna Rice
Joanne RiceJoanne Rice
Jodie RiceJodie Rice
John RiceJohn Rice
Justin RiceJustin Rice
Kara RiceKara Rice
Karen RiceKaren Rice
Kari RiceKari Rice
Karl RiceKarl Rice
Kat RiceKat Rice
Kate RiceKate Rice
Kayleigh RiceKayleigh Rice
Kelly RiceKelly Rice
Kelvin RiceKelvin Rice
Kenneth RiceKenneth Rice
Kevin RiceKevin Rice
Kim RiceKim Rice
Kristin RiceKristin Rice
Laura RiceLaura Rice
Laurence RiceLaurence Rice
Leah RiceLeah Rice
Leanne RiceLeanne Rice
Leon RiceLeon Rice
Lesley RiceLesley Rice
Lianne RiceLianne Rice
Linda RiceLinda Rice
Lisa RiceLisa Rice
Lorraine RiceLorraine Rice
Louise RiceLouise Rice
Lydia RiceLydia Rice
Lyndsey RiceLyndsey Rice
Lynn RiceLynn Rice
Marie RiceMarie Rice
Mark RiceMark Rice
Matt RiceMatt Rice
Matthew RiceMatthew Rice
Max RiceMax Rice
Megan RiceMegan Rice
Michael RiceMichael Rice
Michaela RiceMichaela Rice
Micheal RiceMicheal Rice
Michelle RiceMichelle Rice
Mike RiceMike Rice
Mikey RiceMikey Rice
Mitchell RiceMitchell Rice
Natalie RiceNatalie Rice
Natasha RiceNatasha Rice
Nathaniel RiceNathaniel Rice
Neal RiceNeal Rice
Nick RiceNick Rice
Nicola RiceNicola Rice
Nicole RiceNicole Rice
Nikki RiceNikki Rice
Oliver RiceOliver Rice
Owen RiceOwen Rice
Pat RicePat Rice
Patricia RicePatricia Rice
Patrick RicePatrick Rice
Paul RicePaul Rice
Peggy RicePeggy Rice
Philip RicePhilip Rice
Rachel RiceRachel Rice
Rob RiceRob Rice
Rose RiceRose Rice
Roy RiceRoy Rice
Ruth RiceRuth Rice
Sadie RiceSadie Rice
Sam RiceSam Rice
Samantha RiceSamantha Rice
Sarah RiceSarah Rice
Scott RiceScott Rice
Sean RiceSean Rice
Shane RiceShane Rice
Sharon RiceSharon Rice
Shaun RiceShaun Rice
Shirley RiceShirley Rice
Simon RiceSimon Rice
Sophie RiceSophie Rice
Stacey RiceStacey Rice
Stephanie RiceStephanie Rice
Stephen RiceStephen Rice
Steven RiceSteven Rice
Stuart RiceStuart Rice
Sue RiceSue Rice
Susan RiceSusan Rice
Taylor RiceTaylor Rice
Tim RiceTim Rice
Toby RiceToby Rice
Tom RiceTom Rice
Tommy RiceTommy Rice
Tony RiceTony Rice
Tracey RiceTracey Rice
Tyler RiceTyler Rice
Vicki RiceVicki Rice
Vicky RiceVicky Rice
Vincent RiceVincent Rice
Wayne RiceWayne Rice
William RiceWilliam Rice

Rice is a surname dating back to the sixteenth century in Europe. Research dating back to the sixteenth century gives evidence there was a group of Rice's living in Oldham. The term Rice is thought to have possibly come from a Latin word. It is believed there are around 8250 with the name Rice currently living in Great Britain. Death certificates show an average life expectancy of 87 for members of the Rice family.

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