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Aaron Owen
Aaron Owen
Abbie Owen
Abbie Owen
Adam Owen
Adam Owen
Adele Owen
Adele Owen
Alan Owen
Alan Owen
Alex Owen
Alex Owen
Alexandra Owen
Alexandra Owen
Alice Owen
Alice Owen
Alison Owen
Alison Owen
Allen Owen
Allen Owen
Alvin Owen
Alvin Owen
Amber Owen
Amber Owen
Amy Owen
Amy Owen
Andrew Owen
Andrew Owen
Andy Owen
Andy Owen
Anna Owen
Anna Owen
Anne Owen
Anne Owen
Annie Owen
Annie Owen
Anthony Owen
Anthony Owen
Arron Owen
Arron Owen
Ashley Owen
Ashley Owen
Barry Owen
Barry Owen
Baz Owen
Baz Owen
Becky Owen
Becky Owen
Becky Owen
 Becky Owen
Ben Owen
Ben Owen
Benjamin Owen
Benjamin Owen
Beth Owen
Beth Owen

Bev OwenBev Owen
Bill OwenBill Owen
Bob OwenBob Owen
Bobby OwenBobby Owen
Brad OwenBrad Owen
Brandon OwenBrandon Owen
Brett OwenBrett Owen
Brian OwenBrian Owen
Bridget OwenBridget Owen
Callum OwenCallum Owen
Calvin OwenCalvin Owen
Cameron OwenCameron Owen
Carl OwenCarl Owen
Carla OwenCarla Owen
Carmen OwenCarmen Owen
Caroline OwenCaroline Owen
Carrie OwenCarrie Owen
Cassie OwenCassie Owen
Catherine OwenCatherine Owen
Cecilia OwenCecilia Owen
Charlotte OwenCharlotte Owen
Chelsea OwenChelsea Owen
Chloe OwenChloe Owen
Chris OwenChris Owen
Christian OwenChristian Owen
Christine OwenChristine Owen
Christopher OwenChristopher Owen
Chuck OwenChuck Owen
Clair OwenClair Owen
Claire OwenClaire Owen
Clare OwenClare Owen
Clinton OwenClinton Owen
Courtney OwenCourtney Owen
Craig OwenCraig Owen
Cris OwenCris Owen
Daisy OwenDaisy Owen
Damian OwenDamian Owen
Dan OwenDan Owen
Daniel OwenDaniel Owen
Daniella OwenDaniella Owen
Danielle OwenDanielle Owen
Danny OwenDanny Owen
Darren OwenDarren Owen
Dave OwenDave Owen
David OwenDavid Owen
Dean OwenDean Owen
Debbie OwenDebbie Owen
Denise OwenDenise Owen
Dennis OwenDennis Owen
Derek OwenDerek Owen
Diane OwenDiane Owen
Doug OwenDoug Owen
Ed OwenEd Owen
Eddie OwenEddie Owen
Elaine OwenElaine Owen
Eleanor OwenEleanor Owen
Elizabeth OwenElizabeth Owen
Ellie OwenEllie Owen
Eloise OwenEloise Owen
Emily OwenEmily Owen
Emma OwenEmma Owen
Erik OwenErik Owen
Faye OwenFaye Owen
Flic OwenFlic Owen
Frances OwenFrances Owen
Frank OwenFrank Owen
Gareth OwenGareth Owen
Gary OwenGary Owen
Gavin OwenGavin Owen
Gaz OwenGaz Owen
Gemma OwenGemma Owen
Geoff OwenGeoff Owen
Georgina OwenGeorgina Owen
Gill OwenGill Owen
Gina OwenGina Owen
Glenn OwenGlenn Owen
Graham OwenGraham Owen
Greg OwenGreg Owen
Hannah OwenHannah Owen
Harry OwenHarry Owen
Hayley OwenHayley Owen
Hazel OwenHazel Owen
Helen OwenHelen Owen
Hollie OwenHollie Owen
Howard OwenHoward Owen
Ian OwenIan Owen
Jack OwenJack Owen
Jade OwenJade Owen
Jake OwenJake Owen
James OwenJames Owen
Jamie OwenJamie Owen
Jan OwenJan Owen
Jane OwenJane Owen
Jason OwenJason Owen
Jay OwenJay Owen
Jayne OwenJayne Owen
Jeff OwenJeff Owen
Jenna OwenJenna Owen
Jennifer OwenJennifer Owen
Jenny OwenJenny Owen
Jeremy OwenJeremy Owen
Jerry OwenJerry Owen
Jess OwenJess Owen
Jessica OwenJessica Owen
Jim OwenJim Owen
Joan OwenJoan Owen
Joanne OwenJoanne Owen
Jodie OwenJodie Owen
Joe OwenJoe Owen
John OwenJohn Owen
Jon OwenJon Owen
Jonathan OwenJonathan Owen
Jonny OwenJonny Owen
Josephine OwenJosephine Owen
Josh OwenJosh Owen
Joshua OwenJoshua Owen
Julia OwenJulia Owen
Julie OwenJulie Owen
Kane OwenKane Owen
Karl OwenKarl Owen
Karla OwenKarla Owen
Kate OwenKate Owen
Katherine OwenKatherine Owen
Katie OwenKatie Owen
Katy OwenKaty Owen
Kayleigh OwenKayleigh Owen
Keith OwenKeith Owen
Kelly OwenKelly Owen
Kelvin OwenKelvin Owen
Kenny OwenKenny Owen
Kerrie OwenKerrie Owen
Kev OwenKev Owen
Kevin OwenKevin Owen
Kieran OwenKieran Owen
Kim OwenKim Owen
Kimberley OwenKimberley Owen
Kirsty OwenKirsty Owen
Kris OwenKris Owen
Kristin OwenKristin Owen
Kyle OwenKyle Owen
Kylie OwenKylie Owen
Laura OwenLaura Owen
Lauren OwenLauren Owen
Lawrence OwenLawrence Owen
Lea OwenLea Owen
Leah OwenLeah Owen
Leanne OwenLeanne Owen
Lee OwenLee Owen
Lenny OwenLenny Owen
Leon OwenLeon Owen
Lester OwenLester Owen
Lewis OwenLewis Owen
Linda OwenLinda Owen
Lisa OwenLisa Owen
Liz OwenLiz Owen
Lizzie OwenLizzie Owen
Lorraine OwenLorraine Owen
Lou OwenLou Owen
Louise OwenLouise Owen
Lucy OwenLucy Owen
Luke OwenLuke Owen
Lyndsay OwenLyndsay Owen
Mandy OwenMandy Owen
Mark OwenMark Owen
Mary OwenMary Owen
Matt OwenMatt Owen
Matthew OwenMatthew Owen
Maureen OwenMaureen Owen
Megan OwenMegan Owen
Mel OwenMel Owen
Melanie OwenMelanie Owen
Mellisa OwenMellisa Owen
Michael OwenMichael Owen
Michelle OwenMichelle Owen
Mike OwenMike Owen
Mikey OwenMikey Owen
Mitch OwenMitch Owen
Mitchell OwenMitchell Owen
Monica OwenMonica Owen
Nadine OwenNadine Owen
Natalie OwenNatalie Owen
Nathan OwenNathan Owen
Neil OwenNeil Owen
Nia OwenNia Owen
Nick OwenNick Owen
Nicki OwenNicki Owen
Nicola OwenNicola Owen
Nicole OwenNicole Owen
Nigel OwenNigel Owen
Nikki OwenNikki Owen
Oliver OwenOliver Owen
Olivia OwenOlivia Owen
Olly OwenOlly Owen
Pam OwenPam Owen
Paris OwenParis Owen
Paul OwenPaul Owen
Pete OwenPete Owen
Peter OwenPeter Owen
Phil OwenPhil Owen
Philip OwenPhilip Owen
Phillip OwenPhillip Owen
Rachael OwenRachael Owen
Rachel OwenRachel Owen
Rebecca OwenRebecca Owen
Rhonda OwenRhonda Owen
Rhys OwenRhys Owen
Ric OwenRic Owen
Rich OwenRich Owen
Richard OwenRichard Owen
Rick OwenRick Owen
Ricky OwenRicky Owen
Rita OwenRita Owen
Rob OwenRob Owen
Robyn OwenRobyn Owen
Roger OwenRoger Owen
Rosie OwenRosie Owen
Ross OwenRoss Owen
Roy OwenRoy Owen
Russell OwenRussell Owen
Ryan OwenRyan Owen
Sam OwenSam Owen
Samantha OwenSamantha Owen
Sammy OwenSammy Owen
Sandra OwenSandra Owen
Sandy OwenSandy Owen
Sarah OwenSarah Owen
Scott OwenScott Owen
Scotty OwenScotty Owen
Sean OwenSean Owen
Sharon OwenSharon Owen
Shaun OwenShaun Owen
Shirley OwenShirley Owen
Simon OwenSimon Owen
Sophie OwenSophie Owen
Stacey OwenStacey Owen
Steph OwenSteph Owen
Stephanie OwenStephanie Owen
Stephen OwenStephen Owen
Steve OwenSteve Owen
Steven OwenSteven Owen
Stuart OwenStuart Owen
Suzanne OwenSuzanne Owen
Tammy OwenTammy Owen
Thomas OwenThomas Owen
Tia OwenTia Owen
Tiffany OwenTiffany Owen
Tim OwenTim Owen
Toby OwenToby Owen
Todd OwenTodd Owen
Tom OwenTom Owen
Tommy OwenTommy Owen
Tony OwenTony Owen
Tracey OwenTracey Owen
Tracie OwenTracie Owen
Tracy OwenTracy Owen
Trent OwenTrent Owen
Tricia OwenTricia Owen
Trish OwenTrish Owen
Vicki OwenVicki Owen
Vicky OwenVicky Owen
Victoria OwenVictoria Owen
Wendy OwenWendy Owen
Will OwenWill Owen
Zac OwenZac Owen
Zoe OwenZoe Owen

Genealogy research shows the family name Owen has been about in Europe for over five hundred years. A survey taken by H.M. Treasury in nineteen fourty four recorded popular occurance of this surname. If public death records are used to calculate the life expectancy of a member of the Owen family is 98 years and 4 months.

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