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Abbie Marie
Abbie Marie
Adriana Marie
Adriana Marie
Aimee Marie
 Aimee Marie
Alex Marie
Alex Marie
Alice Marie
Alice Marie
Alicia Marie
Alicia Marie
Alyssa Marie
Alyssa Marie
Amanda Marie
Amanda Marie
Amber Marie
Amber Marie
Ami Marie
Ami Marie
Amy Marie
Amy Marie
Andrea Marie
Andrea Marie
Angela Marie
Angela Marie
Angie Marie
Angie Marie
Ann Marie
Ann Marie
Anna Marie
Anna Marie
Anne Marie
Anne Marie
Annie Marie
Annie Marie
April Marie
April Marie
Ash Marie
Ash Marie
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie
Becky Marie
Becky Marie
Brenda Marie
Brenda Marie
Brittany Marie
Brittany Marie
Cat Marie
Cat Marie
Chantal Marie
Chantal Marie
Chantelle Marie
Chantelle Marie
Charlene Marie
Charlene Marie

Charlotte MarieCharlotte Marie
Chelsey MarieChelsey Marie
Chrissy MarieChrissy Marie
Christina MarieChristina Marie
Claire MarieClaire Marie
Connie MarieConnie Marie
Courtney MarieCourtney Marie
Daisy MarieDaisy Marie
Dana MarieDana Marie
Dani MarieDani Marie
Danielle MarieDanielle Marie
Dawn MarieDawn Marie
Dayna MarieDayna Marie
Destiny MarieDestiny Marie
Diana MarieDiana Marie
Diane MarieDiane Marie
Donna MarieDonna Marie
Elise MarieElise Marie
Ellie MarieEllie Marie
Emily MarieEmily Marie
Emma MarieEmma Marie
Erica MarieErica Marie
Erin MarieErin Marie
Faye MarieFaye Marie
Gemma MarieGemma Marie
Gina MarieGina Marie
Grace MarieGrace Marie
Hailey MarieHailey Marie
Hanna MarieHanna Marie
Hannah MarieHannah Marie
Hayley MarieHayley Marie
Heather MarieHeather Marie
Hope MarieHope Marie
Jade MarieJade Marie
Jemma MarieJemma Marie
Jenna MarieJenna Marie
Jennifer MarieJennifer Marie
Jessica MarieJessica Marie
Jo MarieJo Marie
Josie MarieJosie Marie
Joy MarieJoy Marie
Kate MarieKate Marie
Kathryn MarieKathryn Marie
Katie MarieKatie Marie
Kayla MarieKayla Marie
Kayleigh MarieKayleigh Marie
Kellie MarieKellie Marie
Kelly MarieKelly Marie
Kerry MarieKerry Marie
Kirstie MarieKirstie Marie
Kirsty MarieKirsty Marie
Kristen MarieKristen Marie
Kristie MarieKristie Marie
Kristin MarieKristin Marie
Kristina MarieKristina Marie
Kristy MarieKristy Marie
Kylie MarieKylie Marie
Laura MarieLaura Marie
Lea MarieLea Marie
Leah MarieLeah Marie
Leanne MarieLeanne Marie
Lee MarieLee Marie
Leigh MarieLeigh Marie
Lila MarieLila Marie
Lily MarieLily Marie
Lindsay MarieLindsay Marie
Lindsey MarieLindsey Marie
Lisa MarieLisa Marie
Lorna MarieLorna Marie
Lucy MarieLucy Marie
Lyndsey MarieLyndsey Marie
Maggie MarieMaggie Marie
Megan MarieMegan Marie
Melissa MarieMelissa Marie
Michelle MarieMichelle Marie
Natalie MarieNatalie Marie
Nichole MarieNichole Marie
Nicola MarieNicola Marie
Nicole MarieNicole Marie
Nikki MarieNikki Marie
Olivia MarieOlivia Marie
Patricia MariePatricia Marie
Phoebe MariePhoebe Marie
Rachael MarieRachael Marie
Rachel MarieRachel Marie
Regina MarieRegina Marie
Rita MarieRita Marie
Rosa MarieRosa Marie
Rose MarieRose Marie
Sadie marieSadie marie
Sam MarieSam Marie
Samantha MarieSamantha Marie
Sarah MarieSarah Marie
Shannon MarieShannon Marie
Sian MarieSian Marie
Sophia MarieSophia Marie
Sophie MarieSophie Marie
Stacey MarieStacey Marie
Stacy MarieStacy Marie
Stephanie MarieStephanie Marie
Susan MarieSusan Marie
Theresa MarieTheresa Marie
Tina MarieTina Marie
Toni MarieToni Marie
Traci MarieTraci Marie
Vanessa MarieVanessa Marie
Virginia MarieVirginia Marie
Yvette MarieYvette Marie
Zara MarieZara Marie

Research released last year has estimated that the surname Marie has been established since the 1600's. Historical records show an average life expectancy of the Marie's as 81.

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research my family history
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