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Aaron Kent
Aaron Kent
Abigail Kent
Abigail Kent
Adrian Kent
Adrian Kent
Alex Kent
Alex Kent
Alexandra Kent
Alexandra Kent
Ali Kent
Ali Kent
Alison Kent
Alison Kent
Allan Kent
Allan Kent
Amanda Kent
Amanda Kent
Amy Kent
Amy Kent
Andre Kent
Andre Kent
Andrew Kent
Andrew Kent
Andy Kent
Andy Kent
Angela Kent
Angela Kent
Angie Kent
Angie Kent
Annette Kent
Annette Kent
April Kent
April Kent
Ashley Kent
Ashley Kent
Austin Kent
Austin Kent
Becca Kent
Becca Kent
Becky Kent
Becky Kent
Ben Kent
Ben Kent
Beth Kent
Beth Kent
Brian Kent
Brian Kent
Callum Kent
Callum Kent
Catherine Kent
Catherine Kent
Cathy Kent
Cathy Kent
Chantel Kent
Chantel Kent

Chantelle KentChantelle Kent
Charlie KentCharlie Kent
Cheryl KentCheryl Kent
Chloe KentChloe Kent
Chris KentChris Kent
Christian KentChristian Kent
Clare KentClare Kent
Corey KentCorey Kent
Cory KentCory Kent
Craig KentCraig Kent
Dan KentDan Kent
Danielle KentDanielle Kent
Darren KentDarren Kent
Dave KentDave Kent
David KentDavid Kent
Dean KentDean Kent
Dexter KentDexter Kent
Dominic KentDominic Kent
Donna KentDonna Kent
Ed KentEd Kent
Elissa KentElissa Kent
Ella KentElla Kent
Emily KentEmily Kent
Emma KentEmma Kent
Gareth KentGareth Kent
Gary KentGary Kent
Gemma KentGemma Kent
Greg KentGreg Kent
Hannah KentHannah Kent
Harriet KentHarriet Kent
Harry KentHarry Kent
Harvey KentHarvey Kent
Heather KentHeather Kent
Jack KentJack Kent
Jackie KentJackie Kent
Jade KentJade Kent
James KentJames Kent
Jane KentJane Kent
Jasmine KentJasmine Kent
Jay KentJay Kent
Jayne KentJayne Kent
Jennifer KentJennifer Kent
Jeremy KentJeremy Kent
Jesse KentJesse Kent
Jessica KentJessica Kent
Jill KentJill Kent
John KentJohn Kent
Jon KentJon Kent
Jonathan KentJonathan Kent
Joseph KentJoseph Kent
Josh KentJosh Kent
Joshua KentJoshua Kent
Julie KentJulie Kent
Kara KentKara Kent
Karl KentKarl Kent
Kate KentKate Kent
Katherine KentKatherine Kent
Kathryn KentKathryn Kent
Katie KentKatie Kent
Keiron KentKeiron Kent
Kelly KentKelly Kent
Kerry KentKerry Kent
Kirsty KentKirsty Kent
Laura KentLaura Kent
Lauren KentLauren Kent
Laurie KentLaurie Kent
Lee KentLee Kent
Leslie KentLeslie Kent
Levi KentLevi Kent
Lewis KentLewis Kent
Liam KentLiam Kent
Lisa KentLisa Kent
Liz KentLiz Kent
Lizzie KentLizzie Kent
Lorraine KentLorraine Kent
Louise KentLouise Kent
Lucy KentLucy Kent
Luke KentLuke Kent
Mandy KentMandy Kent
Mark KentMark Kent
Martyn KentMartyn Kent
Mat KentMat Kent
Mathew KentMathew Kent
Matt KentMatt Kent
Matthew KentMatthew Kent
Maxine KentMaxine Kent
Megan KentMegan Kent
Meghan KentMeghan Kent
Mel KentMel Kent
Melissa KentMelissa Kent
Michael KentMichael Kent
Michelle KentMichelle Kent
Mike KentMike Kent
Nancy KentNancy Kent
Natalie KentNatalie Kent
Nick KentNick Kent
Nicola KentNicola Kent
Nikki KentNikki Kent
Oliver KentOliver Kent
Olivia KentOlivia Kent
Olly KentOlly Kent
Paul KentPaul Kent
Paula KentPaula Kent
Peter KentPeter Kent
Phil KentPhil Kent
Phillip KentPhillip Kent
Racheal KentRacheal Kent
Rachel KentRachel Kent
Robbie KentRobbie Kent
Robert KentRobert Kent
Robin KentRobin Kent
Rodney KentRodney Kent
Rory KentRory Kent
Rose KentRose Kent
Ross KentRoss Kent
Ruth KentRuth Kent
Ryan KentRyan Kent
Sabrina KentSabrina Kent
Sam KentSam Kent
Sarah KentSarah Kent
Sharlene KentSharlene Kent
Shaun KentShaun Kent
Shawn KentShawn Kent
Sian KentSian Kent
Simon KentSimon Kent
Sophie KentSophie Kent
Stacey KentStacey Kent
Stephanie KentStephanie Kent
Stephen KentStephen Kent
Steven KentSteven Kent
Stu KentStu Kent
Sue KentSue Kent
Tammy KentTammy Kent
Tara KentTara Kent
Ted KentTed Kent
Teresa KentTeresa Kent
Terrell KentTerrell Kent
Thomas KentThomas Kent
Tim KentTim Kent
Tina KentTina Kent
Tom KentTom Kent
Tony KentTony Kent
Trish KentTrish Kent
Valerie KentValerie Kent
Vickie KentVickie Kent
Vikki KentVikki Kent
Wendy KentWendy Kent
Will KentWill Kent
Zoe KentZoe Kent

Kent is a family name that family tree research clearly indicates has been used since at least the sixteenth century. The term Kent is believed to have come from a Norman name. Family tree research indicates in Europe there are approximately 8850 residents with this family name.

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