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Aaron Harris
Aaron Harris
Abbie Harris
Abbie Harris
Abby Harris
Abby Harris
Abi Harris
Abi Harris
Abigail Harris
Abigail Harris
Adam Harris
Adam Harris
Adele Harris
Adele Harris
Adrienne Harris
Adrienne Harris
Aimee Harris
Aimee Harris
Alan Harris
Alan Harris
Albert Harris
Albert Harris
Alex Harris
Alex Harris
Alexander Harris
Alexander Harris
Alexandra Harris
Alexandra Harris
Alfie Harris
Alfie Harris
Ali Harris
Ali Harris
Alicia Harris
Alicia Harris
Alisha Harris
Alisha Harris
Alison Harris
Alison Harris
Allan Harris
Allan Harris
Allison Harris
Allison Harris
Amanda Harris
Amanda Harris
Amber Harris
Amber Harris
Amelia Harris
Amelia Harris
Amy Harris
Amy Harris
Andrea Harris
Andrea Harris
Andrew Harris
Andrew Harris
Andy Harris
Andy Harris

Angela HarrisAngela Harris
Anita HarrisAnita Harris
Ann HarrisAnn Harris
Anna HarrisAnna Harris
Annabel HarrisAnnabel Harris
Anne HarrisAnne Harris
Ant HarrisAnt Harris
Anthony HarrisAnthony Harris
Antony HarrisAntony Harris
April HarrisApril Harris
Archie HarrisArchie Harris
Arron HarrisArron Harris
Arthur HarrisArthur Harris
Ashleigh HarrisAshleigh Harris
Ashley HarrisAshley Harris
Barbara HarrisBarbara Harris
Becki HarrisBecki Harris
Beckie HarrisBeckie Harris
Becky HarrisBecky Harris
Belinda HarrisBelinda Harris
Ben HarrisBen Harris
Benjamin HarrisBenjamin Harris
Bernadette HarrisBernadette Harris
Bernie HarrisBernie Harris
Beth HarrisBeth Harris
Bethany HarrisBethany Harris
Bianca HarrisBianca Harris
Bill HarrisBill Harris
Bob HarrisBob Harris
Bobby HarrisBobby Harris
Bonnie HarrisBonnie Harris
Brad HarrisBrad Harris
Bradley HarrisBradley Harris
Brandon HarrisBrandon Harris
Brandy HarrisBrandy Harris
Brendan HarrisBrendan Harris
Brent HarrisBrent Harris
Brett HarrisBrett Harris
Brian HarrisBrian Harris
Briony HarrisBriony Harris
Brittany HarrisBrittany Harris
Brooke HarrisBrooke Harris
Bruce HarrisBruce Harris
Bryan HarrisBryan Harris
Byron HarrisByron Harris
Caleb HarrisCaleb Harris
Calum HarrisCalum Harris
Cara HarrisCara Harris
Carl HarrisCarl Harris
Carla HarrisCarla Harris
Carly HarrisCarly Harris
Carol HarrisCarol Harris
Caroline HarrisCaroline Harris
Carolyn HarrisCarolyn Harris
Casey HarrisCasey Harris
Catherine HarrisCatherine Harris
Catriona HarrisCatriona Harris
Charlene HarrisCharlene Harris
Charles HarrisCharles Harris
Charlie HarrisCharlie Harris
Charlotte HarrisCharlotte Harris
Chase HarrisChase Harris
Cheryl HarrisCheryl Harris
Chloe HarrisChloe Harris
Chris HarrisChris Harris
Christian HarrisChristian Harris
Christine HarrisChristine Harris
Christopher HarrisChristopher Harris
Clair HarrisClair Harris
Claire HarrisClaire Harris
Clare HarrisClare Harris
Claudia HarrisClaudia Harris
Clint HarrisClint Harris
Clive HarrisClive Harris
Cody HarrisCody Harris
Colin HarrisColin Harris
Cora HarrisCora Harris
Corey HarrisCorey Harris
Craig HarrisCraig Harris
Crystal HarrisCrystal Harris
Cynthia HarrisCynthia Harris
Dale HarrisDale Harris
Damian HarrisDamian Harris
Damon HarrisDamon Harris
Dan HarrisDan Harris
Dana HarrisDana Harris
Dani HarrisDani Harris
Daniel HarrisDaniel Harris
Danielle HarrisDanielle Harris
Danni HarrisDanni Harris
Danny HarrisDanny Harris
Darren HarrisDarren Harris
Dave HarrisDave Harris
David HarrisDavid Harris
Dawn HarrisDawn Harris
Dean HarrisDean Harris
Debbie HarrisDebbie Harris
Deborah HarrisDeborah Harris
Debra HarrisDebra Harris
Dee HarrisDee Harris
Demi HarrisDemi Harris
Denise HarrisDenise Harris
Dennis HarrisDennis Harris
Diana HarrisDiana Harris
Dianna HarrisDianna Harris
Dominic HarrisDominic Harris
Don HarrisDon Harris
Donna HarrisDonna Harris
Drew HarrisDrew Harris
Dustin HarrisDustin Harris
Dylan HarrisDylan Harris
Ed HarrisEd Harris
Eddie HarrisEddie Harris
Edward HarrisEdward Harris
Eileen HarrisEileen Harris
Elaine HarrisElaine Harris
Eleanor HarrisEleanor Harris
Elisa HarrisElisa Harris
Elizabeth HarrisElizabeth Harris
Ellie HarrisEllie Harris
Ellis HarrisEllis Harris
Elly HarrisElly Harris
Emily HarrisEmily Harris
Emma HarrisEmma Harris
Erik HarrisErik Harris
Erin HarrisErin Harris
Ernie HarrisErnie Harris
Faye HarrisFaye Harris
Fiona HarrisFiona Harris
Fran HarrisFran Harris
Francesca HarrisFrancesca Harris
Francis HarrisFrancis Harris
Frankie HarrisFrankie Harris
Fraser HarrisFraser Harris
Freddie HarrisFreddie Harris
Gail HarrisGail Harris
Gary HarrisGary Harris
Gavin HarrisGavin Harris
Gemma HarrisGemma Harris
Genna HarrisGenna Harris
Geoff HarrisGeoff Harris
Geoffrey HarrisGeoffrey Harris
George HarrisGeorge Harris
Georgia HarrisGeorgia Harris
Georgie HarrisGeorgie Harris
Georgina HarrisGeorgina Harris
Geraldine HarrisGeraldine Harris
Gill HarrisGill Harris
Gina HarrisGina Harris
Glen HarrisGlen Harris
Glenn HarrisGlenn Harris
Gloria HarrisGloria Harris
Graham HarrisGraham Harris
Grant HarrisGrant Harris
Greg HarrisGreg Harris
Gwen HarrisGwen Harris
Haley HarrisHaley Harris
Harley HarrisHarley Harris
Harry HarrisHarry Harris
Hayley HarrisHayley Harris
Heather HarrisHeather Harris
Heidi HarrisHeidi Harris
Helen HarrisHelen Harris
Holly HarrisHolly Harris
Howard HarrisHoward Harris
Ian HarrisIan Harris
Isaac HarrisIsaac Harris
Jack HarrisJack Harris
Jackie HarrisJackie Harris
Jacob HarrisJacob Harris
Jacqui HarrisJacqui Harris
Jade HarrisJade Harris
Jake HarrisJake Harris
James HarrisJames Harris
Jamie HarrisJamie Harris
Jan HarrisJan Harris
Jane HarrisJane Harris
Janet HarrisJanet Harris
Janine HarrisJanine Harris
Janis HarrisJanis Harris
Jared HarrisJared Harris
Jasmine HarrisJasmine Harris
Jason HarrisJason Harris
Jay HarrisJay Harris
Jayne HarrisJayne Harris
Jean HarrisJean Harris
Jed HarrisJed Harris
Jeff HarrisJeff Harris
Jem HarrisJem Harris
Jemma HarrisJemma Harris
Jen HarrisJen Harris
Jenna HarrisJenna Harris
Jenni HarrisJenni Harris
Jennie HarrisJennie Harris
Jennifer HarrisJennifer Harris
Jenny HarrisJenny Harris
Jeremy HarrisJeremy Harris
Jerry HarrisJerry Harris
Jess HarrisJess Harris
Jesse HarrisJesse Harris
Jessica HarrisJessica Harris
Jessie HarrisJessie Harris
Jill HarrisJill Harris
Jim HarrisJim Harris
Jo HarrisJo Harris
Joann HarrisJoann Harris
Joanna HarrisJoanna Harris
Joanne HarrisJoanne Harris
Jodi HarrisJodi Harris
Jodie HarrisJodie Harris
Joe HarrisJoe Harris
Joel HarrisJoel Harris
Joey HarrisJoey Harris
John HarrisJohn Harris
Johnathan HarrisJohnathan Harris
Johnny HarrisJohnny Harris
Jon HarrisJon Harris
Jonathan HarrisJonathan Harris
Jonathon HarrisJonathon Harris
Jonny HarrisJonny Harris
Joseph HarrisJoseph Harris
Josh HarrisJosh Harris
Joshua HarrisJoshua Harris
Josie HarrisJosie Harris
Joy HarrisJoy Harris
Judith HarrisJudith Harris
Julia HarrisJulia Harris
Julian HarrisJulian Harris
Julie HarrisJulie Harris
Justin HarrisJustin Harris
Justina HarrisJustina Harris
Justine HarrisJustine Harris
Kara HarrisKara Harris
Karen HarrisKaren Harris
Karl HarrisKarl Harris
Karla HarrisKarla Harris
Kat HarrisKat Harris
Kate HarrisKate Harris
Katherine HarrisKatherine Harris
Kathleen HarrisKathleen Harris
Kathryn HarrisKathryn Harris
Kathy HarrisKathy Harris
Katie HarrisKatie Harris
Katy HarrisKaty Harris
Kaylee HarrisKaylee Harris
Kayleigh HarrisKayleigh Harris
Keith HarrisKeith Harris
Kelly HarrisKelly Harris
Kerry HarrisKerry Harris
Kev HarrisKev Harris
Kevin HarrisKevin Harris
Kieran HarrisKieran Harris
Kim HarrisKim Harris
Kimberley HarrisKimberley Harris
Kirsty HarrisKirsty Harris
Kris HarrisKris Harris
Kristie HarrisKristie Harris
Kyle HarrisKyle Harris
Kylie HarrisKylie Harris
Lance HarrisLance Harris
Laura HarrisLaura Harris
Lauren HarrisLauren Harris
Laurence HarrisLaurence Harris
Leah HarrisLeah Harris
Leanne HarrisLeanne Harris
Lee HarrisLee Harris
Leigh HarrisLeigh Harris
Leo HarrisLeo Harris
Leon HarrisLeon Harris
Lesley HarrisLesley Harris
Leslie HarrisLeslie Harris
Lewis HarrisLewis Harris
Liam HarrisLiam Harris
Lianne HarrisLianne Harris
Lillian HarrisLillian Harris
Lily HarrisLily Harris
Linda HarrisLinda Harris
Lindsey HarrisLindsey Harris
Lisa HarrisLisa Harris
Liz HarrisLiz Harris
Liza HarrisLiza Harris
Lizzie HarrisLizzie Harris
Lloyd HarrisLloyd Harris
Lori HarrisLori Harris
Lorna HarrisLorna Harris
Lorraine HarrisLorraine Harris
Louis HarrisLouis Harris
Louisa HarrisLouisa Harris
Louise HarrisLouise Harris
Lucas HarrisLucas Harris
Lucy HarrisLucy Harris
Luke HarrisLuke Harris
Lydia HarrisLydia Harris
Lynda HarrisLynda Harris
Lyndsey HarrisLyndsey Harris
Lynne HarrisLynne Harris
Lynsey HarrisLynsey Harris
Maggie HarrisMaggie Harris
Malcolm HarrisMalcolm Harris
Mandy HarrisMandy Harris
Marc HarrisMarc Harris
Marcus HarrisMarcus Harris
Maria HarrisMaria Harris
Marian HarrisMarian Harris
Marie HarrisMarie Harris
Marion HarrisMarion Harris
Mark HarrisMark Harris
Martin HarrisMartin Harris
Mary HarrisMary Harris
Matt HarrisMatt Harris
Matthew HarrisMatthew Harris
Matty HarrisMatty Harris
Maurice HarrisMaurice Harris
Max HarrisMax Harris
Megan HarrisMegan Harris
Melanie HarrisMelanie Harris
Melissa HarrisMelissa Harris
Michael HarrisMichael Harris
Michaela HarrisMichaela Harris
Micheal HarrisMicheal Harris
Michelle HarrisMichelle Harris
Mick HarrisMick Harris
Mike HarrisMike Harris
Mikey HarrisMikey Harris
Miranda HarrisMiranda Harris
Mitch HarrisMitch Harris
Molly HarrisMolly Harris
Monica HarrisMonica Harris
Monique HarrisMonique Harris
Myra HarrisMyra Harris
Nancy HarrisNancy Harris
Naomi HarrisNaomi Harris
Natalie HarrisNatalie Harris
Natasha HarrisNatasha Harris
Nathan HarrisNathan Harris
Neil HarrisNeil Harris
Nia HarrisNia Harris
Nick HarrisNick Harris
Nicki HarrisNicki Harris
Nicky HarrisNicky Harris
Nicola HarrisNicola Harris
Nicole HarrisNicole Harris
Nigel HarrisNigel Harris
Niki HarrisNiki Harris
Nikki HarrisNikki Harris
Nina HarrisNina Harris
Norman HarrisNorman Harris
Oliver HarrisOliver Harris
Olivia HarrisOlivia Harris
Oscar HarrisOscar Harris
Owen HarrisOwen Harris
Paddy HarrisPaddy Harris
Pam HarrisPam Harris
Patricia HarrisPatricia Harris
Patrick HarrisPatrick Harris
Paul HarrisPaul Harris
Paula HarrisPaula Harris
Pauline HarrisPauline Harris
Perry HarrisPerry Harris
Pete HarrisPete Harris
Peter HarrisPeter Harris
Phil HarrisPhil Harris
Philip HarrisPhilip Harris
Philippa HarrisPhilippa Harris
Phillip HarrisPhillip Harris
Phoebe HarrisPhoebe Harris
Pippa HarrisPippa Harris
Polly HarrisPolly Harris
Rachael HarrisRachael Harris
Racheal HarrisRacheal Harris
Rachel HarrisRachel Harris
Randy HarrisRandy Harris
Rebecca HarrisRebecca Harris
Reece HarrisReece Harris
Renee HarrisRenee Harris
Richard HarrisRichard Harris
Richie HarrisRichie Harris
Rick HarrisRick Harris
Ricky HarrisRicky Harris
Rob HarrisRob Harris
Robbie HarrisRobbie Harris
Robert HarrisRobert Harris
Robin HarrisRobin Harris
Roderick HarrisRoderick Harris
Roger HarrisRoger Harris
Ron HarrisRon Harris
Ross HarrisRoss Harris
Roy HarrisRoy Harris
Ruth HarrisRuth Harris
Ryan HarrisRyan Harris
Sadie HarrisSadie Harris
Sally HarrisSally Harris
Sam HarrisSam Harris
Samantha HarrisSamantha Harris
Sammy HarrisSammy Harris
Samuel HarrisSamuel Harris
Sandra HarrisSandra Harris
Sandy HarrisSandy Harris
Sara HarrisSara Harris
Sarah HarrisSarah Harris
Sasha HarrisSasha Harris
Scott HarrisScott Harris
Sean HarrisSean Harris
Shane HarrisShane Harris
Sharlene HarrisSharlene Harris
Sharon HarrisSharon Harris
Shaun HarrisShaun Harris
Shelley HarrisShelley Harris
Sherri HarrisSherri Harris
Sherry HarrisSherry Harris
Shona HarrisShona Harris
Sian HarrisSian Harris
Simon HarrisSimon Harris
Sofie HarrisSofie Harris
Sonia HarrisSonia Harris
Sophia HarrisSophia Harris
Sophie HarrisSophie Harris
Stacey HarrisStacey Harris
Stacy HarrisStacy Harris
Steph HarrisSteph Harris
Stephanie HarrisStephanie Harris
Stephen HarrisStephen Harris
Steve HarrisSteve Harris
Steven HarrisSteven Harris
Stevie HarrisStevie Harris
Stewart HarrisStewart Harris
Stu HarrisStu Harris
Stuart HarrisStuart Harris
Sue HarrisSue Harris
Susan HarrisSusan Harris
Suzanne HarrisSuzanne Harris
Tammy HarrisTammy Harris
Tanya HarrisTanya Harris
Tara HarrisTara Harris
Tasha HarrisTasha Harris
Taylor HarrisTaylor Harris
Teri HarrisTeri Harris
Terrence HarrisTerrence Harris
Terri HarrisTerri Harris
Terry HarrisTerry Harris
Theo HarrisTheo Harris
Theresa HarrisTheresa Harris
Thomas HarrisThomas Harris
Tia HarrisTia Harris
Tim HarrisTim Harris
Tina HarrisTina Harris
Toby HarrisToby Harris
Todd HarrisTodd Harris
Tom HarrisTom Harris
Tony HarrisTony Harris
Tracey HarrisTracey Harris
Tracy HarrisTracy Harris
Travis HarrisTravis Harris
Trevor HarrisTrevor Harris
Tristan HarrisTristan Harris
Trudy HarrisTrudy Harris
Tyler HarrisTyler Harris
Tyrone HarrisTyrone Harris
Val HarrisVal Harris
Vanessa HarrisVanessa Harris
Vicki HarrisVicki Harris
Vickie HarrisVickie Harris
Vicky HarrisVicky Harris
Victoria HarrisVictoria Harris
Vikki HarrisVikki Harris
Vincent HarrisVincent Harris
Wade HarrisWade Harris
Warren HarrisWarren Harris
Wayne HarrisWayne Harris
Wendy HarrisWendy Harris
Wesley HarrisWesley Harris
Will HarrisWill Harris
William HarrisWilliam Harris
Yvonne HarrisYvonne Harris
Zachary HarrisZachary Harris
Zack HarrisZack Harris
Zak HarrisZak Harris
Zara HarrisZara Harris
Zoe HarrisZoe Harris

The family name Harris dates back to nearly 500 years. The term Harris is believed to have come from an Anglo-Saxon word. A census collected by H.M. Treasury in 1944 found popular use of this family name. Public death records show an average age of death of the Harris's as 102 years.

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