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Adam Godfrey
Adam Godfrey
Alex Godfrey
Alex Godfrey
Amy Godfrey
Amy Godfrey
Andrea Godfrey
Andrea Godfrey
Andy Godfrey
Andy Godfrey
Anna Godfrey
Anna Godfrey
Annabel Godfrey
Annabel Godfrey
Arron Godfrey
Arron Godfrey
Ash Godfrey
Ash Godfrey
Ashley Godfrey
Ashley Godfrey
Becca Godfrey
Becca Godfrey
Ben Godfrey
Ben Godfrey
Bernard Godfrey
Bernard Godfrey
Bianca Godfrey
Bianca Godfrey
Bobby Godfrey
Bobby Godfrey
Brendan Godfrey
Brendan Godfrey
Carl Godfrey
Carl Godfrey
Caroline Godfrey
Caroline Godfrey
Carrie Godfrey
Carrie Godfrey
Charlie Godfrey
Charlie Godfrey
Charlotte Godfrey
Charlotte Godfrey
Chloe Godfrey
Chloe Godfrey
Chris Godfrey
Chris Godfrey
Christina Godfrey
Christina Godfrey
Christine Godfrey
Christine Godfrey
Claire Godfrey
Claire Godfrey
Dan Godfrey
Dan Godfrey
Dani Godfrey
Dani Godfrey

Daniel GodfreyDaniel Godfrey
Danielle GodfreyDanielle Godfrey
Danii GodfreyDanii Godfrey
Danny GodfreyDanny Godfrey
Darren GodfreyDarren Godfrey
Dave GodfreyDave Godfrey
David GodfreyDavid Godfrey
Dean GodfreyDean Godfrey
Eddie GodfreyEddie Godfrey
Edward GodfreyEdward Godfrey
Elizabeth GodfreyElizabeth Godfrey
Emma GodfreyEmma Godfrey
Fiona GodfreyFiona Godfrey
Fraser GodfreyFraser Godfrey
Gary GodfreyGary Godfrey
Gemma GodfreyGemma Godfrey
George GodfreyGeorge Godfrey
Glen GodfreyGlen Godfrey
Grace GodfreyGrace Godfrey
Gregg GodfreyGregg Godfrey
Hannah GodfreyHannah Godfrey
Helen GodfreyHelen Godfrey
Ian GodfreyIan Godfrey
Jack GodfreyJack Godfrey
Jackie GodfreyJackie Godfrey
Jade GodfreyJade Godfrey
James GodfreyJames Godfrey
Jason GodfreyJason Godfrey
Jayne GodfreyJayne Godfrey
Jennifer GodfreyJennifer Godfrey
Jenny GodfreyJenny Godfrey
Jeremy GodfreyJeremy Godfrey
Jess GodfreyJess Godfrey
Jimmy GodfreyJimmy Godfrey
Jo GodfreyJo Godfrey
Joan GodfreyJoan Godfrey
Joanne GodfreyJoanne Godfrey
Jody GodfreyJody Godfrey
John GodfreyJohn Godfrey
Josh GodfreyJosh Godfrey
Juliet GodfreyJuliet Godfrey
Katie GodfreyKatie Godfrey
Kelly GodfreyKelly Godfrey
Kevin GodfreyKevin Godfrey
Kim GodfreyKim Godfrey
Kirsty GodfreyKirsty Godfrey
Laura GodfreyLaura Godfrey
Leah GodfreyLeah Godfrey
Lee GodfreyLee Godfrey
Lewis GodfreyLewis Godfrey
Liam GodfreyLiam Godfrey
Marcus GodfreyMarcus Godfrey
Maria GodfreyMaria Godfrey
Mark GodfreyMark Godfrey
Martin GodfreyMartin Godfrey
Matt GodfreyMatt Godfrey
Matthew GodfreyMatthew Godfrey
Melissa GodfreyMelissa Godfrey
Michael GodfreyMichael Godfrey
Michelle GodfreyMichelle Godfrey
Mikey GodfreyMikey Godfrey
Nathan GodfreyNathan Godfrey
Neil GodfreyNeil Godfrey
Nick GodfreyNick Godfrey
Nicki GodfreyNicki Godfrey
Nigel GodfreyNigel Godfrey
Nikki GodfreyNikki Godfrey
Paul GodfreyPaul Godfrey
Peter GodfreyPeter Godfrey
Philip GodfreyPhilip Godfrey
Rachael GodfreyRachael Godfrey
Rachel GodfreyRachel Godfrey
Rebecca GodfreyRebecca Godfrey
Richard GodfreyRichard Godfrey
Rob GodfreyRob Godfrey
Roger GodfreyRoger Godfrey
Roland GodfreyRoland Godfrey
Ronald GodfreyRonald Godfrey
Ronnie GodfreyRonnie Godfrey
Rory GodfreyRory Godfrey
Ross GodfreyRoss Godfrey
Sabrina GodfreySabrina Godfrey
Sam GodfreySam Godfrey
Samuel GodfreySamuel Godfrey
Sean GodfreySean Godfrey
Shaun GodfreyShaun Godfrey
Sheila GodfreySheila Godfrey
Simon GodfreySimon Godfrey
Sophia GodfreySophia Godfrey
Stacy GodfreyStacy Godfrey
Stephen GodfreyStephen Godfrey
Steve GodfreySteve Godfrey
Stu GodfreyStu Godfrey
Susan GodfreySusan Godfrey
Tasha GodfreyTasha Godfrey
Taylor GodfreyTaylor Godfrey
Terri GodfreyTerri Godfrey
Tim GodfreyTim Godfrey
Trish GodfreyTrish Godfrey
Wayne GodfreyWayne Godfrey
Will GodfreyWill Godfrey

Recent research suggests the family name Godfrey dates back to the eighteenth century. The first presence of the name Godfrey was discovered in the county of Cornwall in the UK. The 1931 census recorded increased use of the surname Godfrey. Public death records suggest an average life expectancy of 94 years and 5 months for members of the Godfrey family.

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