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Aaron Francis
Aaron Francis
Abby Francis
Abby Francis
Adam Francis
Adam Francis
Adrian Francis
Adrian Francis
Aimee Francis
Aimee Francis
Alex Francis
Alex Francis
Allan Francis
Allan Francis
Aly Francis
Aly Francis
Amanda Francis
Amanda Francis
Amy Francis
Amy Francis
Andrew Francis
Andrew Francis
Andy Francis
Andy Francis
Angela Francis
Angela Francis
Anna Francis
Anna Francis
Annabel Francis
Annabel Francis
Annette Francis
Annette Francis
Anthony Francis
Anthony Francis
Antony Francis
Antony Francis
Arran Francis
Arran Francis
Ashley Francis
Ashley Francis
Barry Francis
Barry Francis
Bec Francis
Bec Francis
Becky Francis
Becky Francis
Ben Francis
Ben Francis
Billy Francis
Billy Francis
Brad Francis
Brad Francis
Byron Francis
Byron Francis
Callum Francis
Callum Francis

Candace FrancisCandace Francis
Candice FrancisCandice Francis
Carl FrancisCarl Francis
Caroline FrancisCaroline Francis
Casey FrancisCasey Francis
Catherine FrancisCatherine Francis
Charlie FrancisCharlie Francis
Charlotte FrancisCharlotte Francis
Chelsea FrancisChelsea Francis
Chelsey FrancisChelsey Francis
Chris FrancisChris Francis
Chrissy FrancisChrissy Francis
Claire FrancisClaire Francis
Clara FrancisClara Francis
Clare FrancisClare Francis
Colin FrancisColin Francis
Craig FrancisCraig Francis
Dale FrancisDale Francis
Damien FrancisDamien Francis
Dan FrancisDan Francis
Daniel FrancisDaniel Francis
Danielle FrancisDanielle Francis
Danny FrancisDanny Francis
Darrell FrancisDarrell Francis
Darren FrancisDarren Francis
Darrin FrancisDarrin Francis
Darryl FrancisDarryl Francis
Dave FrancisDave Francis
David FrancisDavid Francis
Dean FrancisDean Francis
Debbie FrancisDebbie Francis
Deborah FrancisDeborah Francis
Denise FrancisDenise Francis
Dennis FrancisDennis Francis
Doug FrancisDoug Francis
Dwayne FrancisDwayne Francis
Edward FrancisEdward Francis
Eileen FrancisEileen Francis
Elaine FrancisElaine Francis
Elizabeth FrancisElizabeth Francis
Ellen FrancisEllen Francis
Ellie FrancisEllie Francis
Elly FrancisElly Francis
Emma FrancisEmma Francis
Eric FrancisEric Francis
Erica FrancisErica Francis
Frank FrancisFrank Francis
Gareth FrancisGareth Francis
Garry FrancisGarry Francis
Gemma FrancisGemma Francis
Geneva FrancisGeneva Francis
Georgia FrancisGeorgia Francis
Geraldine FrancisGeraldine Francis
Gillian FrancisGillian Francis
Grant FrancisGrant Francis
Greg FrancisGreg Francis
Hannah FrancisHannah Francis
Harley FrancisHarley Francis
Hayley FrancisHayley Francis
Hazel FrancisHazel Francis
Ian FrancisIan Francis
Inez FrancisInez Francis
Jack FrancisJack Francis
Jacqueline FrancisJacqueline Francis
Jade FrancisJade Francis
Jake FrancisJake Francis
James FrancisJames Francis
Jamie FrancisJamie Francis
Jane FrancisJane Francis
Janet FrancisJanet Francis
Jason FrancisJason Francis
Jay FrancisJay Francis
Jayne FrancisJayne Francis
Jeff FrancisJeff Francis
Jeremiah FrancisJeremiah Francis
Jeremy FrancisJeremy Francis
Jermaine FrancisJermaine Francis
Jim FrancisJim Francis
Jo FrancisJo Francis
Joanna FrancisJoanna Francis
Jody FrancisJody Francis
Joe FrancisJoe Francis
Joey FrancisJoey Francis
John FrancisJohn Francis
Jon FrancisJon Francis
Jonathan FrancisJonathan Francis
Josh FrancisJosh Francis
Joy FrancisJoy Francis
Joyce FrancisJoyce Francis
Julia FrancisJulia Francis
Julie FrancisJulie Francis
Kara FrancisKara Francis
Karen FrancisKaren Francis
Karl FrancisKarl Francis
Katie FrancisKatie Francis
Katrina FrancisKatrina Francis
Katy FrancisKaty Francis
Kayleigh FrancisKayleigh Francis
Keith FrancisKeith Francis
Kelly FrancisKelly Francis
Kerrie FrancisKerrie Francis
Kerry FrancisKerry Francis
Kev FrancisKev Francis
Kevin FrancisKevin Francis
Kieran FrancisKieran Francis
Kim FrancisKim Francis
Kimberly FrancisKimberly Francis
Kris FrancisKris Francis
Kyle FrancisKyle Francis
Laura FrancisLaura Francis
Leah FrancisLeah Francis
Leanne FrancisLeanne Francis
Lee FrancisLee Francis
Leigh FrancisLeigh Francis
Leon FrancisLeon Francis
Leonie FrancisLeonie Francis
Lewis FrancisLewis Francis
Liam FrancisLiam Francis
Lindsay FrancisLindsay Francis
Lindsey FrancisLindsey Francis
Lisa FrancisLisa Francis
Liz FrancisLiz Francis
Lloyd FrancisLloyd Francis
Lois FrancisLois Francis
Lorraine FrancisLorraine Francis
Louis FrancisLouis Francis
Louise FrancisLouise Francis
Lucie FrancisLucie Francis
Lucy FrancisLucy Francis
Luke FrancisLuke Francis
Margaret FrancisMargaret Francis
Marie FrancisMarie Francis
Mark FrancisMark Francis
Martin FrancisMartin Francis
Mary FrancisMary Francis
Mat FrancisMat Francis
Matt FrancisMatt Francis
Matthew FrancisMatthew Francis
Maureen FrancisMaureen Francis
Meg FrancisMeg Francis
Megan FrancisMegan Francis
Michael FrancisMichael Francis
Michelle FrancisMichelle Francis
Mike FrancisMike Francis
Mo FrancisMo Francis
Moses FrancisMoses Francis
Naomi FrancisNaomi Francis
Natalie FrancisNatalie Francis
Nathan FrancisNathan Francis
Neil FrancisNeil Francis
Nia FrancisNia Francis
Nicholas FrancisNicholas Francis
Nick FrancisNick Francis
Nicki FrancisNicki Francis
Nicola FrancisNicola Francis
Niki FrancisNiki Francis
Noel FrancisNoel Francis
Norman FrancisNorman Francis
Orlando FrancisOrlando Francis
Pam FrancisPam Francis
Paul FrancisPaul Francis
Paula FrancisPaula Francis
Penny FrancisPenny Francis
Pete FrancisPete Francis
Peter FrancisPeter Francis
Phil FrancisPhil Francis
Rachel FrancisRachel Francis
Ray FrancisRay Francis
Rebecca FrancisRebecca Francis
Renee FrancisRenee Francis
Richard FrancisRichard Francis
Rick FrancisRick Francis
Ricky FrancisRicky Francis
Rob FrancisRob Francis
Robbie FrancisRobbie Francis
Robyn FrancisRobyn Francis
Rochelle FrancisRochelle Francis
Ron FrancisRon Francis
Ronnie FrancisRonnie Francis
Rory FrancisRory Francis
Rosie FrancisRosie Francis
Ross FrancisRoss Francis
Ruthie FrancisRuthie Francis
Ryan FrancisRyan Francis
Sam FrancisSam Francis
Sandie FrancisSandie Francis
Sandra FrancisSandra Francis
Sarah FrancisSarah Francis
Sasha FrancisSasha Francis
Scott FrancisScott Francis
Sean FrancisSean Francis
Shane FrancisShane Francis
Sharon FrancisSharon Francis
Shaun FrancisShaun Francis
Shawn FrancisShawn Francis
Shelley FrancisShelley Francis
Sian FrancisSian Francis
Simon FrancisSimon Francis
Sophie FrancisSophie Francis
Stacey FrancisStacey Francis
Stephanie FrancisStephanie Francis
Stephen FrancisStephen Francis
Steve FrancisSteve Francis
Steven FrancisSteven Francis
Stu FrancisStu Francis
Stuart FrancisStuart Francis
Sue FrancisSue Francis
Tanya FrancisTanya Francis
Teresa FrancisTeresa Francis
Terry FrancisTerry Francis
Thomas FrancisThomas Francis
Tiffany FrancisTiffany Francis
Tim FrancisTim Francis
Tina FrancisTina Francis
Toby FrancisToby Francis
Tom FrancisTom Francis
Tony FrancisTony Francis
Tracey FrancisTracey Francis
Tracy FrancisTracy Francis
Tyler FrancisTyler Francis
Vicki FrancisVicki Francis
Victoria FrancisVictoria Francis
Vinny FrancisVinny Francis
Warren FrancisWarren Francis
Wayne FrancisWayne Francis
Wendy FrancisWendy Francis
Will FrancisWill Francis
William FrancisWilliam Francis
Winston FrancisWinston Francis
Zoe FrancisZoe Francis

Francis is a name that family tree research shows has been used since the eighteenth century. The 1931 survey shows increased use of the surname.

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