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Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis
Abbie Davis
Abbie Davis
Abi Davis
Abi Davis
Adam Davis
Adam Davis
Adele Davis
Adele Davis
Adrian Davis
Adrian Davis
Adriana Davis
Adriana Davis
Aimee Davis
Aimee Davis
Alan Davis
Alan Davis
Albert Davis
Albert Davis
Alec Davis
Alec Davis
Alex Davis
Alex Davis
Ali Davis
Ali Davis
Alice Davis
Alice Davis
Alicia Davis
Alicia Davis
Allan Davis
Allan Davis
Allen Davis
Allen Davis
Allison Davis
Allison Davis
Alvin Davis
Alvin Davis
Alyssa Davis
Alyssa Davis
Amanda Davis
Amanda Davis
Amber Davis
Amber Davis
Ami Davis
Ami Davis
Amy Davis
Amy Davis
Andre Davis
Andre Davis
Andrea Davis
Andrea Davis
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis
Andy Davis
Andy Davis

Angela DavisAngela Davis
Angie DavisAngie Davis
Anita DavisAnita Davis
Anna DavisAnna Davis
Annabel DavisAnnabel Davis
Annette DavisAnnette Davis
Annie DavisAnnie Davis
Ant DavisAnt Davis
Anthony DavisAnthony Davis
April DavisApril Davis
Arlene DavisArlene Davis
Aron DavisAron Davis
Arron DavisArron Davis
Ash DavisAsh Davis
Ashleigh DavisAshleigh Davis
Ashley DavisAshley Davis
Audrey DavisAudrey Davis
Austin DavisAustin Davis
Barbara DavisBarbara Davis
Becci DavisBecci Davis
Beccy DavisBeccy Davis
Becky DavisBecky Davis
Belinda DavisBelinda Davis
Ben DavisBen Davis
Bernie DavisBernie Davis
Beth DavisBeth Davis
Bethany DavisBethany Davis
Betty DavisBetty Davis
Bianca DavisBianca Davis
Bill DavisBill Davis
Billy DavisBilly Davis
Blake DavisBlake Davis
Bobbie DavisBobbie Davis
Bobby DavisBobby Davis
Brad DavisBrad Davis
Bradley DavisBradley Davis
Brandon DavisBrandon Davis
Brenda DavisBrenda Davis
Brendan DavisBrendan Davis
Brent DavisBrent Davis
Brett DavisBrett Davis
Brian DavisBrian Davis
Brooke DavisBrooke Davis
Bryan DavisBryan Davis
Caleb DavisCaleb Davis
Callum DavisCallum Davis
Cameron DavisCameron Davis
Carl DavisCarl Davis
Carly DavisCarly Davis
Carol DavisCarol Davis
Carole DavisCarole Davis
Caroline DavisCaroline Davis
Carolyn DavisCarolyn Davis
Carrie DavisCarrie Davis
Casey DavisCasey Davis
Cassandra DavisCassandra Davis
Catherine DavisCatherine Davis
Cathy DavisCathy Davis
Chad DavisChad Davis
Chantel DavisChantel Davis
Charlene DavisCharlene Davis
Charlie DavisCharlie Davis
Charlotte DavisCharlotte Davis
Chase DavisChase Davis
Cheryl DavisCheryl Davis
Chloe DavisChloe Davis
Chris DavisChris Davis
Chrissy DavisChrissy Davis
Christian DavisChristian Davis
Christina DavisChristina Davis
Christine DavisChristine Davis
Christopher DavisChristopher Davis
Christy DavisChristy Davis
Cindy DavisCindy Davis
Claire DavisClaire Davis
Clare DavisClare Davis
Clay DavisClay Davis
Clayton DavisClayton Davis
Clinton DavisClinton Davis
Clyde DavisClyde Davis
Cody DavisCody Davis
Colin DavisColin Davis
Colleen DavisColleen Davis
Connie DavisConnie Davis
Corey DavisCorey Davis
Cory DavisCory Davis
Courtney DavisCourtney Davis
Craig DavisCraig Davis
Crystal DavisCrystal Davis
Dale DavisDale Davis
Damien DavisDamien Davis
Dan DavisDan Davis
Daniel DavisDaniel Davis
Danielle DavisDanielle Davis
Danny DavisDanny Davis
Darrell DavisDarrell Davis
Darren DavisDarren Davis
Daryl DavisDaryl Davis
Dave DavisDave Davis
David DavisDavid Davis
Dawn DavisDawn Davis
Dean DavisDean Davis
Deanna DavisDeanna Davis
Debbie DavisDebbie Davis
Debra DavisDebra Davis
Denise DavisDenise Davis
Derek DavisDerek Davis
Desiree DavisDesiree Davis
Devin DavisDevin Davis
Diana DavisDiana Davis
Diane DavisDiane Davis
Dionne DavisDionne Davis
Dominic DavisDominic Davis
Don DavisDon Davis
Donna DavisDonna Davis
Dorothy DavisDorothy Davis
Doug DavisDoug Davis
Drew DavisDrew Davis
Dylan DavisDylan Davis
Ebony DavisEbony Davis
Ed DavisEd Davis
Eddie DavisEddie Davis
Edward DavisEdward Davis
Elaine DavisElaine Davis
Elijah DavisElijah Davis
Elise DavisElise Davis
Elizabeth DavisElizabeth Davis
Ella DavisElla Davis
Ellen DavisEllen Davis
Ellie DavisEllie Davis
Ellis DavisEllis Davis
Emily DavisEmily Davis
Emma DavisEmma Davis
Eric DavisEric Davis
Erica DavisErica Davis
Erika DavisErika Davis
Euan DavisEuan Davis
Faith DavisFaith Davis
Faye DavisFaye Davis
Francesca DavisFrancesca Davis
Frank DavisFrank Davis
Fred DavisFred Davis
Gail DavisGail Davis
Gareth DavisGareth Davis
Gary DavisGary Davis
Gayle DavisGayle Davis
Gaz DavisGaz Davis
Gemma DavisGemma Davis
George DavisGeorge Davis
Georgia DavisGeorgia Davis
Georgie DavisGeorgie Davis
Georgina DavisGeorgina Davis
Giles DavisGiles Davis
Gina DavisGina Davis
Ginger DavisGinger Davis
Glen DavisGlen Davis
Glenn DavisGlenn Davis
Grace DavisGrace Davis
Grant DavisGrant Davis
Greg DavisGreg Davis
Gregg DavisGregg Davis
Gregory DavisGregory Davis
Hailey DavisHailey Davis
Hannah DavisHannah Davis
Harriet DavisHarriet Davis
Harry DavisHarry Davis
Hayley DavisHayley Davis
Hazel DavisHazel Davis
Heather DavisHeather Davis
Heidi DavisHeidi Davis
Helen DavisHelen Davis
Henry DavisHenry Davis
Hollie DavisHollie Davis
Holly DavisHolly Davis
Hugo DavisHugo Davis
Ian DavisIan Davis
Isabel DavisIsabel Davis
Jack DavisJack Davis
Jackie DavisJackie Davis
Jacob DavisJacob Davis
Jacqueline DavisJacqueline Davis
Jade DavisJade Davis
Jake DavisJake Davis
James DavisJames Davis
Jamie DavisJamie Davis
Jan DavisJan Davis
Jane DavisJane Davis
Janet DavisJanet Davis
Janice DavisJanice Davis
Jasmine DavisJasmine Davis
Jason DavisJason Davis
Jay DavisJay Davis
Jaz DavisJaz Davis
Jean DavisJean Davis
Jeanne DavisJeanne Davis
Jeff DavisJeff Davis
Jemma DavisJemma Davis
Jen DavisJen Davis
Jennie DavisJennie Davis
Jennifer DavisJennifer Davis
Jenny DavisJenny Davis
Jeremy DavisJeremy Davis
Jerry DavisJerry Davis
Jess DavisJess Davis
Jessica DavisJessica Davis
Jill DavisJill Davis
Jim DavisJim Davis
Jimmie DavisJimmie Davis
Jimmy DavisJimmy Davis
Jo DavisJo Davis
Joanna DavisJoanna Davis
Joanne DavisJoanne Davis
Jodi DavisJodi Davis
Jodie DavisJodie Davis
Jody DavisJody Davis
Joe DavisJoe Davis
Joel DavisJoel Davis
Joey DavisJoey Davis
John DavisJohn Davis
Jon DavisJon Davis
Jonathan DavisJonathan Davis
Jonny DavisJonny Davis
Joseph DavisJoseph Davis
Josephine DavisJosephine Davis
Josh DavisJosh Davis
Joshua DavisJoshua Davis
Juanita DavisJuanita Davis
Julia DavisJulia Davis
Julie DavisJulie Davis
Justin DavisJustin Davis
Kane DavisKane Davis
Karen DavisKaren Davis
Karl DavisKarl Davis
Kat DavisKat Davis
Kate DavisKate Davis
Katherine DavisKatherine Davis
Kathleen DavisKathleen Davis
Kathryn DavisKathryn Davis
Kathy DavisKathy Davis
Katie DavisKatie Davis
Katy DavisKaty Davis
Kay DavisKay Davis
Kayla DavisKayla Davis
Kaylee DavisKaylee Davis
Kayleigh DavisKayleigh Davis
Keith DavisKeith Davis
Kelli DavisKelli Davis
Kelly DavisKelly Davis
Kelvin DavisKelvin Davis
Kendra DavisKendra Davis
Kenneth DavisKenneth Davis
Kenny DavisKenny Davis
Kerry DavisKerry Davis
Kev DavisKev Davis
Kevin DavisKevin Davis
Kieran DavisKieran Davis
Kimberley DavisKimberley Davis
Kirk DavisKirk Davis
Kirsty DavisKirsty Davis
Kris DavisKris Davis
Kristen DavisKristen Davis
Kristi DavisKristi Davis
Kristina DavisKristina Davis
Kyle DavisKyle Davis
Lance DavisLance Davis
Larry DavisLarry Davis
Laura DavisLaura Davis
Lauren DavisLauren Davis
Lawrence DavisLawrence Davis
Leah DavisLeah Davis
Leanne DavisLeanne Davis
Lee DavisLee Davis
Leigh DavisLeigh Davis
Leon DavisLeon Davis
Leona DavisLeona Davis
Leonard DavisLeonard Davis
Lesley DavisLesley Davis
Lewis DavisLewis Davis
Liam DavisLiam Davis
Lillian DavisLillian Davis
Lilly DavisLilly Davis
Lily DavisLily Davis
Linda DavisLinda Davis
Lindsey DavisLindsey Davis
Lisa DavisLisa Davis
Lizzie DavisLizzie Davis
Lizzy DavisLizzy Davis
Lloyd DavisLloyd Davis
Lorna DavisLorna Davis
Lorraine DavisLorraine Davis
Louis DavisLouis Davis
Louise DavisLouise Davis
Lucas DavisLucas Davis
Lucie DavisLucie Davis
Lucy DavisLucy Davis
Luke DavisLuke Davis
Lynda DavisLynda Davis
Lyndsey DavisLyndsey Davis
Lynette DavisLynette Davis
Lynn DavisLynn Davis
Lynne DavisLynne Davis
Lynsey DavisLynsey Davis
Maggie DavisMaggie Davis
Mandy DavisMandy Davis
Marc DavisMarc Davis
Marcus DavisMarcus Davis
Marguerite DavisMarguerite Davis
Marianne DavisMarianne Davis
Marie DavisMarie Davis
Marion DavisMarion Davis
Mark DavisMark Davis
Marlon DavisMarlon Davis
Marsha DavisMarsha Davis
Martin DavisMartin Davis
Martina DavisMartina Davis
Marty DavisMarty Davis
Mary DavisMary Davis
Mason DavisMason Davis
Mathew DavisMathew Davis
Matt DavisMatt Davis
Matthew DavisMatthew Davis
Matty DavisMatty Davis
Maxine DavisMaxine Davis
Meg DavisMeg Davis
Megan DavisMegan Davis
Meghan DavisMeghan Davis
Mel DavisMel Davis
Michael DavisMichael Davis
Michaela DavisMichaela Davis
Michele DavisMichele Davis
Michelle DavisMichelle Davis
Mick DavisMick Davis
Mickey DavisMickey Davis
Mike DavisMike Davis
Mikey DavisMikey Davis
Miranda DavisMiranda Davis
Mitchel DavisMitchel Davis
Mitchell DavisMitchell Davis
Molly DavisMolly Davis
Monique DavisMonique Davis
Monty DavisMonty Davis
Myra DavisMyra Davis
Nancy DavisNancy Davis
Naomi DavisNaomi Davis
Natalie DavisNatalie Davis
Natasha DavisNatasha Davis
Nathan DavisNathan Davis
Neal DavisNeal Davis
Neil DavisNeil Davis
Nelson DavisNelson Davis
Nicholas DavisNicholas Davis
Nick DavisNick Davis
Nicky DavisNicky Davis
Nicola DavisNicola Davis
Nicole DavisNicole Davis
Nigel DavisNigel Davis
Niki DavisNiki Davis
Nikki DavisNikki Davis
Nina DavisNina Davis
Noel DavisNoel Davis
Oliver DavisOliver Davis
Owen DavisOwen Davis
Paddy DavisPaddy Davis
Pamela DavisPamela Davis
Patricia DavisPatricia Davis
Patrick DavisPatrick Davis
Paul DavisPaul Davis
Paula DavisPaula Davis
Paulette DavisPaulette Davis
Pete DavisPete Davis
Peter DavisPeter Davis
Phil DavisPhil Davis
Philip DavisPhilip Davis
Phillip DavisPhillip Davis
Phyllis DavisPhyllis Davis
Piers DavisPiers Davis
Preston DavisPreston Davis
Rachael DavisRachael Davis
Rachel DavisRachel Davis
Ralph DavisRalph Davis
Randy DavisRandy Davis
Rebecca DavisRebecca Davis
Reece DavisReece Davis
Renee DavisRenee Davis
Rhonda DavisRhonda Davis
Rhys DavisRhys Davis
Rich DavisRich Davis
Richard DavisRichard Davis
Rick DavisRick Davis
Ricky DavisRicky Davis
Rob DavisRob Davis
Robbie DavisRobbie Davis
Robert DavisRobert Davis
Robyn DavisRobyn Davis
Rodger DavisRodger Davis
Roger DavisRoger Davis
Roland DavisRoland Davis
Ronnie DavisRonnie Davis
Rory DavisRory Davis
Rose DavisRose Davis
Rosie DavisRosie Davis
Ross DavisRoss Davis
Rowan DavisRowan Davis
Roxanne DavisRoxanne Davis
Roy DavisRoy Davis
Russell DavisRussell Davis
Ryan DavisRyan Davis
Sabrina DavisSabrina Davis
Sally DavisSally Davis
Sam DavisSam Davis
Samantha DavisSamantha Davis
Sammy DavisSammy Davis
Samuel DavisSamuel Davis
Sandie DavisSandie Davis
Sandra DavisSandra Davis
Sandy DavisSandy Davis
Sara DavisSara Davis
Sarah DavisSarah Davis
Scott DavisScott Davis
Sean DavisSean Davis
Seb DavisSeb Davis
Shane DavisShane Davis
Shannon DavisShannon Davis
Sharlene DavisSharlene Davis
Sharon DavisSharon Davis
Shaun DavisShaun Davis
Shawn DavisShawn Davis
Sheila DavisSheila Davis
Shelley DavisShelley Davis
Sheri DavisSheri Davis
Sherry DavisSherry Davis
Sheryl DavisSheryl Davis
Shirley DavisShirley Davis
Sian DavisSian Davis
Sid DavisSid Davis
Simon DavisSimon Davis
Sonia DavisSonia Davis
Sonya DavisSonya Davis
Sophia DavisSophia Davis
Sophie DavisSophie Davis
Stacey DavisStacey Davis
Stefan DavisStefan Davis
Steph DavisSteph Davis
Stephanie DavisStephanie Davis
Stephen DavisStephen Davis
Steve DavisSteve Davis
Steven DavisSteven Davis
Stevie DavisStevie Davis
Stewart DavisStewart Davis
Stuart DavisStuart Davis
Sue DavisSue Davis
Suzanne DavisSuzanne Davis
Tammy DavisTammy Davis
Tara DavisTara Davis
Taylor DavisTaylor Davis
Terrence DavisTerrence Davis
Terry DavisTerry Davis
Thomas DavisThomas Davis
Tiffany DavisTiffany Davis
Tim DavisTim Davis
Timothy DavisTimothy Davis
Tina DavisTina Davis
Toby DavisToby Davis
Todd DavisTodd Davis
Tom DavisTom Davis
Tony DavisTony Davis
Tonya DavisTonya Davis
Tracey DavisTracey Davis
Tracie DavisTracie Davis
Tracy DavisTracy Davis
Trevor DavisTrevor Davis
Tyler DavisTyler Davis
Tyrone DavisTyrone Davis
Val DavisVal Davis
Valerie DavisValerie Davis
Veronica DavisVeronica Davis
Vicki DavisVicki Davis
Vicky DavisVicky Davis
Victoria DavisVictoria Davis
Vikki DavisVikki Davis
Warren DavisWarren Davis
Wayne DavisWayne Davis
Wendy DavisWendy Davis
Wesley DavisWesley Davis
Will DavisWill Davis
William DavisWilliam Davis
Yolanda DavisYolanda Davis
Yvonne DavisYvonne Davis
Zachary DavisZachary Davis
Zoe DavisZoe Davis
Zoey DavisZoey Davis

The name Davis dates back to nearly 500 years. The first presence of the name Davis was found in the county of Leeds in the UK. If death certificates are anything to go by the life expectancy of a member of the Davis family is 83 years and 3 months.

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