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Aaron Davies
Aaron Davies
Abbie Davies
Abbie Davies
Abby Davies
Abby Davies
Abi Davies
Abi Davies
Adam Davies
Adam Davies
Adrian Davies
Adrian Davies
Aimee Davies
Aimee Davies
Alan Davies
Alan Davies
Alex Davies
Alex Davies
Alexander Davies
Alexander Davies
Alexandra Davies
Alexandra Davies
Ali Davies
Ali Davies
Alice Davies
Alice Davies
Alicia Davies
Alicia Davies
Alison Davies
Alison Davies
Allan Davies
Allan Davies
Allen Davies
Allen Davies
Amanda Davies
Amanda Davies
Amber Davies
Amber Davies
Amelia Davies
Amelia Davies
Ami Davies
Ami Davies
Amy Davies
Amy Davies
Andrea Davies
Andrea Davies
Andrew Davies
Andrew Davies
Andy Davies
Andy Davies
Angela Davies
Angela Davies
Angie Davies
Angie Davies
Ann Davies
Ann Davies

Anna DaviesAnna Davies
Annette DaviesAnnette Davies
Annie DaviesAnnie Davies
Ant DaviesAnt Davies
Anthony DaviesAnthony Davies
Anton DaviesAnton Davies
Antony DaviesAntony Davies
April DaviesApril Davies
Archie DaviesArchie Davies
Aron DaviesAron Davies
Ash DaviesAsh Davies
Ashleigh DaviesAshleigh Davies
Ashley DaviesAshley Davies
Barbara DaviesBarbara Davies
Barry DaviesBarry Davies
Baz DaviesBaz Davies
Becci DaviesBecci Davies
Becki DaviesBecki Davies
Beckie DaviesBeckie Davies
Becky DaviesBecky Davies
Belinda DaviesBelinda Davies
Bella DaviesBella Davies
Ben DaviesBen Davies
Benjamin DaviesBenjamin Davies
Beth DaviesBeth Davies
Bethany DaviesBethany Davies
Beverly DaviesBeverly Davies
Bianca DaviesBianca Davies
Bill DaviesBill Davies
Billy DaviesBilly Davies
Bob DaviesBob Davies
Bobby DaviesBobby Davies
Bonnie DaviesBonnie Davies
Brad DaviesBrad Davies
Brendan DaviesBrendan Davies
Brent DaviesBrent Davies
Brett DaviesBrett Davies
Brian DaviesBrian Davies
Bridget DaviesBridget Davies
Bryan DaviesBryan Davies
Caleb DaviesCaleb Davies
Callum DaviesCallum Davies
Calvin DaviesCalvin Davies
Cameron DaviesCameron Davies
Candace DaviesCandace Davies
Cara DaviesCara Davies
Carl DaviesCarl Davies
Carla DaviesCarla Davies
Carlos DaviesCarlos Davies
Carly DaviesCarly Davies
Carol DaviesCarol Davies
Carole DaviesCarole Davies
Caroline DaviesCaroline Davies
Carrie DaviesCarrie Davies
Cat DaviesCat Davies
Catherine DaviesCatherine Davies
Cathy DaviesCathy Davies
Celia DaviesCelia Davies
Chantelle DaviesChantelle Davies
Charlene DaviesCharlene Davies
Charles DaviesCharles Davies
Charlie DaviesCharlie Davies
Charlotte DaviesCharlotte Davies
Chelsea DaviesChelsea Davies
Cheryl DaviesCheryl Davies
Chloe DaviesChloe Davies
Chris DaviesChris Davies
Chrissy DaviesChrissy Davies
Christian DaviesChristian Davies
Christina DaviesChristina Davies
Christine DaviesChristine Davies
Christopher DaviesChristopher Davies
Christy DaviesChristy Davies
Cindy DaviesCindy Davies
Claire DaviesClaire Davies
Clare DaviesClare Davies
Clive DaviesClive Davies
Cody DaviesCody Davies
Colin DaviesColin Davies
Colleen DaviesColleen Davies
Cora DaviesCora Davies
Corey DaviesCorey Davies
Craig DaviesCraig Davies
Dale DaviesDale Davies
Damien DaviesDamien Davies
Dan DaviesDan Davies
Dani DaviesDani Davies
Daniel DaviesDaniel Davies
Daniella DaviesDaniella Davies
Danielle DaviesDanielle Davies
Danni DaviesDanni Davies
Dannielle DaviesDannielle Davies
Danny DaviesDanny Davies
Darran DaviesDarran Davies
Darrell DaviesDarrell Davies
Darren DaviesDarren Davies
Dave DaviesDave Davies
David DaviesDavid Davies
Dawn DaviesDawn Davies
Dean DaviesDean Davies
Debbie DaviesDebbie Davies
Deborah DaviesDeborah Davies
Dee DaviesDee Davies
Denise DaviesDenise Davies
Diana DaviesDiana Davies
Diane DaviesDiane Davies
Dom DaviesDom Davies
Don DaviesDon Davies
Donald DaviesDonald Davies
Donna DaviesDonna Davies
Drew DaviesDrew Davies
Duncan DaviesDuncan Davies
Dylan DaviesDylan Davies
Ed DaviesEd Davies
Eddie DaviesEddie Davies
Edward DaviesEdward Davies
Edwin DaviesEdwin Davies
Eleanor DaviesEleanor Davies
Eli DaviesEli Davies
Elizabeth DaviesElizabeth Davies
Ellie DaviesEllie Davies
Ellis DaviesEllis Davies
Emily DaviesEmily Davies
Emma DaviesEmma Davies
Erin DaviesErin Davies
Esther DaviesEsther Davies
Eve DaviesEve Davies
Evelyn DaviesEvelyn Davies
Faith DaviesFaith Davies
Faye DaviesFaye Davies
Fiona DaviesFiona Davies
Florence DaviesFlorence Davies
Fran DaviesFran Davies
Frank DaviesFrank Davies
Fred DaviesFred Davies
Gail DaviesGail Davies
Gareth DaviesGareth Davies
Garry DaviesGarry Davies
Gary DaviesGary Davies
Gavin DaviesGavin Davies
Gayle DaviesGayle Davies
Gaz DaviesGaz Davies
Gemma DaviesGemma Davies
Genevieve DaviesGenevieve Davies
George DaviesGeorge Davies
Georgia DaviesGeorgia Davies
Georgie DaviesGeorgie Davies
Georgina DaviesGeorgina Davies
Gerald DaviesGerald Davies
Gillian DaviesGillian Davies
Glen DaviesGlen Davies
Glenn DaviesGlenn Davies
Gordon DaviesGordon Davies
Grace DaviesGrace Davies
Graeme DaviesGraeme Davies
Graham DaviesGraham Davies
Grant DaviesGrant Davies
Greg DaviesGreg Davies
Gregg DaviesGregg Davies
Guy DaviesGuy Davies
Hannah DaviesHannah Davies
Harley DaviesHarley Davies
Harriet DaviesHarriet Davies
Harrison DaviesHarrison Davies
Harry DaviesHarry Davies
Hattie DaviesHattie Davies
Hayley DaviesHayley Davies
Heather DaviesHeather Davies
Helen DaviesHelen Davies
Hollie DaviesHollie Davies
Holly DaviesHolly Davies
Ian DaviesIan Davies
Imogen DaviesImogen Davies
Jack DaviesJack Davies
Jackie DaviesJackie Davies
Jade DaviesJade Davies
Jake DaviesJake Davies
James DaviesJames Davies
Jamie DaviesJamie Davies
Jan DaviesJan Davies
Jane DaviesJane Davies
Janet DaviesJanet Davies
Janice DaviesJanice Davies
Janine DaviesJanine Davies
Jason DaviesJason Davies
Jay DaviesJay Davies
Jayne DaviesJayne Davies
Jean DaviesJean Davies
Jeanette DaviesJeanette Davies
Jeff DaviesJeff Davies
Jeffrey DaviesJeffrey Davies
Jemma DaviesJemma Davies
Jen DaviesJen Davies
Jeni DaviesJeni Davies
Jenna DaviesJenna Davies
Jennie DaviesJennie Davies
Jennifer DaviesJennifer Davies
Jenny DaviesJenny Davies
Jeremy DaviesJeremy Davies
Jess DaviesJess Davies
Jessica DaviesJessica Davies
Jill DaviesJill Davies
Jim DaviesJim Davies
Jo DaviesJo Davies
Joanna DaviesJoanna Davies
Joanne DaviesJoanne Davies
Jodi DaviesJodi Davies
Jodie DaviesJodie Davies
Joe DaviesJoe Davies
Joel DaviesJoel Davies
Joey DaviesJoey Davies
John DaviesJohn Davies
Johnny DaviesJohnny Davies
Johny DaviesJohny Davies
Jolene DaviesJolene Davies
Jon DaviesJon Davies
Jonathan DaviesJonathan Davies
Jonny DaviesJonny Davies
Joseph DaviesJoseph Davies
Josephine DaviesJosephine Davies
Josh DaviesJosh Davies
Joshua DaviesJoshua Davies
Joy DaviesJoy Davies
Judith DaviesJudith Davies
Judy DaviesJudy Davies
Julia DaviesJulia Davies
Julian DaviesJulian Davies
Julie DaviesJulie Davies
Juliet DaviesJuliet Davies
Juliette DaviesJuliette Davies
June DaviesJune Davies
Justin DaviesJustin Davies
Kane DaviesKane Davies
Karen DaviesKaren Davies
Kari DaviesKari Davies
Karren DaviesKarren Davies
Kat DaviesKat Davies
Kate DaviesKate Davies
Katherine DaviesKatherine Davies
Kathleen DaviesKathleen Davies
Kathryn DaviesKathryn Davies
Katie DaviesKatie Davies
Katy DaviesKaty Davies
Kayla DaviesKayla Davies
Kayleigh DaviesKayleigh Davies
Keith DaviesKeith Davies
Kelley DaviesKelley Davies
Kellie DaviesKellie Davies
Kelly DaviesKelly Davies
Kelvin DaviesKelvin Davies
Ken DaviesKen Davies
Kenny DaviesKenny Davies
Kerrie DaviesKerrie Davies
Kerry DaviesKerry Davies
Kev DaviesKev Davies
Kevin DaviesKevin Davies
Kieran DaviesKieran Davies
Kieron DaviesKieron Davies
Kim DaviesKim Davies
Kimberley DaviesKimberley Davies
Kirstie DaviesKirstie Davies
Kirsty DaviesKirsty Davies
Kristina DaviesKristina Davies
Kristy DaviesKristy Davies
Krystal DaviesKrystal Davies
Kyle DaviesKyle Davies
Kylie DaviesKylie Davies
Lance DaviesLance Davies
Laura DaviesLaura Davies
Lauren DaviesLauren Davies
Laurie DaviesLaurie Davies
Leah DaviesLeah Davies
Leanne DaviesLeanne Davies
Lee DaviesLee Davies
Leigh DaviesLeigh Davies
Leon DaviesLeon Davies
Leonie DaviesLeonie Davies
Lesley DaviesLesley Davies
Levi DaviesLevi Davies
Lewis DaviesLewis Davies
Liam DaviesLiam Davies
Lilly DaviesLilly Davies
Linda DaviesLinda Davies
Lindsay DaviesLindsay Davies
Lindsey DaviesLindsey Davies
Lisa DaviesLisa Davies
Liz DaviesLiz Davies
Lizzie DaviesLizzie Davies
Lizzy DaviesLizzy Davies
Lloyd DaviesLloyd Davies
Lora DaviesLora Davies
Lorna DaviesLorna Davies
Lorraine DaviesLorraine Davies
Louis DaviesLouis Davies
Louise DaviesLouise Davies
Lucie DaviesLucie Davies
Lucinda DaviesLucinda Davies
Lucy DaviesLucy Davies
Luke DaviesLuke Davies
Lydia DaviesLydia Davies
Lynda DaviesLynda Davies
Lyndsey DaviesLyndsey Davies
Lynn DaviesLynn Davies
Lynne DaviesLynne Davies
Lynsey DaviesLynsey Davies
Maggie DaviesMaggie Davies
Malcolm DaviesMalcolm Davies
Mandy DaviesMandy Davies
Marc DaviesMarc Davies
Margie DaviesMargie Davies
Maria DaviesMaria Davies
Marie DaviesMarie Davies
Mark DaviesMark Davies
Marlene DaviesMarlene Davies
Martin DaviesMartin Davies
Mary DaviesMary Davies
Maryann DaviesMaryann Davies
Mat DaviesMat Davies
Mathew DaviesMathew Davies
Matt DaviesMatt Davies
Matthew DaviesMatthew Davies
Matty DaviesMatty Davies
Maureen DaviesMaureen Davies
Max DaviesMax Davies
Maxine DaviesMaxine Davies
Meg DaviesMeg Davies
Megan DaviesMegan Davies
Mel DaviesMel Davies
Melanie DaviesMelanie Davies
Melissa DaviesMelissa Davies
Mia DaviesMia Davies
Michael DaviesMichael Davies
Michaela DaviesMichaela Davies
Michele DaviesMichele Davies
Michelle DaviesMichelle Davies
Mick DaviesMick Davies
Mike DaviesMike Davies
Mikey DaviesMikey Davies
Miriam DaviesMiriam Davies
Mitch DaviesMitch Davies
Mo DaviesMo Davies
Molly DaviesMolly Davies
Nadine DaviesNadine Davies
Nancy DaviesNancy Davies
Natalie DaviesNatalie Davies
Natasha DaviesNatasha Davies
Nathan DaviesNathan Davies
Neil DaviesNeil Davies
Nia DaviesNia Davies
Nicholas DaviesNicholas Davies
Nick DaviesNick Davies
Nicki DaviesNicki Davies
Nicky DaviesNicky Davies
Nicola DaviesNicola Davies
Nicole DaviesNicole Davies
Nigel DaviesNigel Davies
Nikki DaviesNikki Davies
Norman DaviesNorman Davies
Oli DaviesOli Davies
Oliver DaviesOliver Davies
Olivia DaviesOlivia Davies
Olly DaviesOlly Davies
Owen DaviesOwen Davies
Pam DaviesPam Davies
Pat DaviesPat Davies
Patrick DaviesPatrick Davies
Patsy DaviesPatsy Davies
Paul DaviesPaul Davies
Paula DaviesPaula Davies
Pauline DaviesPauline Davies
Paulo DaviesPaulo Davies
Penny DaviesPenny Davies
Pete DaviesPete Davies
Peter DaviesPeter Davies
Phil DaviesPhil Davies
Philip DaviesPhilip Davies
Phillip DaviesPhillip Davies
Phoebe DaviesPhoebe Davies
Pippa DaviesPippa Davies
Polly DaviesPolly Davies
Priscilla DaviesPriscilla Davies
Rachael DaviesRachael Davies
Racheal DaviesRacheal Davies
Rachel DaviesRachel Davies
Rebecca DaviesRebecca Davies
Rhona DaviesRhona Davies
Rhys DaviesRhys Davies
Richard DaviesRichard Davies
Richie DaviesRichie Davies
Ricky DaviesRicky Davies
Rio DaviesRio Davies
Rob DaviesRob Davies
Robbie DaviesRobbie Davies
Robert DaviesRobert Davies
Robin DaviesRobin Davies
Robyn DaviesRobyn Davies
Rochelle DaviesRochelle Davies
Ross DaviesRoss Davies
Roxanne DaviesRoxanne Davies
Roy DaviesRoy Davies
Russell DaviesRussell Davies
Ruth DaviesRuth Davies
Ryan DaviesRyan Davies
Sally DaviesSally Davies
Sam DaviesSam Davies
Samantha DaviesSamantha Davies
Sammy DaviesSammy Davies
Samuel DaviesSamuel Davies
Sandra DaviesSandra Davies
Sara DaviesSara Davies
Sarah DaviesSarah Davies
Scott DaviesScott Davies
Scotty DaviesScotty Davies
Sean DaviesSean Davies
Seb DaviesSeb Davies
Sebastian DaviesSebastian Davies
Serina DaviesSerina Davies
Shane DaviesShane Davies
Shannon DaviesShannon Davies
Sharon DaviesSharon Davies
Shaun DaviesShaun Davies
Sheila DaviesSheila Davies
Shelley DaviesShelley Davies
Sian DaviesSian Davies
Simon DaviesSimon Davies
Sinead DaviesSinead Davies
Skye DaviesSkye Davies
Sonia DaviesSonia Davies
Sonya DaviesSonya Davies
Sophia DaviesSophia Davies
Sophie DaviesSophie Davies
Spencer DaviesSpencer Davies
Stacey DaviesStacey Davies
Stacy DaviesStacy Davies
Steph DaviesSteph Davies
Stephanie DaviesStephanie Davies
Stephen DaviesStephen Davies
Steve DaviesSteve Davies
Steven DaviesSteven Davies
Stevie DaviesStevie Davies
Stewart DaviesStewart Davies
Stuart DaviesStuart Davies
Sue DaviesSue Davies
Susan DaviesSusan Davies
Suzanne DaviesSuzanne Davies
Sylvia DaviesSylvia Davies
Tammy DaviesTammy Davies
Tanya DaviesTanya Davies
Tara DaviesTara Davies
Tasha DaviesTasha Davies
Taylor DaviesTaylor Davies
Teresa DaviesTeresa Davies
Terry DaviesTerry Davies
Theo DaviesTheo Davies
Theresa DaviesTheresa Davies
Thomas DaviesThomas Davies
Tim DaviesTim Davies
Tina DaviesTina Davies
Toby DaviesToby Davies
Todd DaviesTodd Davies
Tom DaviesTom Davies
Tommy DaviesTommy Davies
Toni DaviesToni Davies
Tony DaviesTony Davies
Tracey DaviesTracey Davies
Tracie DaviesTracie Davies
Tracy DaviesTracy Davies
Trevor DaviesTrevor Davies
Tricia DaviesTricia Davies
Trish DaviesTrish Davies
Tristan DaviesTristan Davies
Tyler DaviesTyler Davies
Val DaviesVal Davies
Valerie DaviesValerie Davies
Vanessa DaviesVanessa Davies
Vici DaviesVici Davies
Vicki DaviesVicki Davies
Vicky DaviesVicky Davies
Victor DaviesVictor Davies
Victoria DaviesVictoria Davies
Vikki DaviesVikki Davies
Warren DaviesWarren Davies
Wayne DaviesWayne Davies
Wendy DaviesWendy Davies
Wesley DaviesWesley Davies
Wez DaviesWez Davies
Will DaviesWill Davies
Zac DaviesZac Davies
Zara DaviesZara Davies
Zoe DaviesZoe Davies
Zoey DaviesZoey Davies

The surname Davies dates back to four hundred years ago. If death certificates are anything to go by the average life expectancy of a Davies is 93 years.

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