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Abigail Chan
Abigail Chan
Adrian Chan
Adrian Chan
Al Chan
Al Chan
Alan Chan
Alan Chan
Albert Chan
Albert Chan
Alex Chan
Alex Chan
Alice Chan
Alice Chan
Alvin Chan
Alvin Chan
Amy Chan
Amy Chan
Andrea Chan
Andrea Chan
Andrew Chan
Andrew Chan
Andy Chan
Andy Chan
Angela Chan
Angela Chan
Angus Chan
Angus Chan
Anthony Chan
Anthony Chan
April Chan
April Chan
Ash Chan
Ash Chan
Ashley Chan
Ashley Chan
Avril Chan
Avril Chan
Barry Chan
Barry Chan
Becky Chan
Becky Chan
Ben Chan
Ben Chan
Benjamin Chan
Benjamin Chan
Benny Chan
Benny Chan
Bernard Chan
Bernard Chan
Bianca Chan
Bianca Chan
Brian Chan
Brian Chan
Bryant Chan
Bryant Chan

Calvin ChanCalvin Chan
Candy ChanCandy Chan
Carmen ChanCarmen Chan
Carol ChanCarol Chan
Caroline ChanCaroline Chan
Catherine ChanCatherine Chan
Cathy ChanCathy Chan
Chris ChanChris Chan
Christina ChanChristina Chan
Christy ChanChristy Chan
Claire ChanClaire Chan
Clara ChanClara Chan
Claudia ChanClaudia Chan
Colin ChanColin Chan
Connie ChanConnie Chan
Constance ChanConstance Chan
Crystal ChanCrystal Chan
Dan ChanDan Chan
Daniel ChanDaniel Chan
Danny ChanDanny Chan
David ChanDavid Chan
Dawn ChanDawn Chan
Dennis ChanDennis Chan
Dominic ChanDominic Chan
Doug ChanDoug Chan
Duncan ChanDuncan Chan
Ed ChanEd Chan
Edward ChanEdward Chan
Eric ChanEric Chan
Erica ChanErica Chan
Esther ChanEsther Chan
Euan ChanEuan Chan
Eugene ChanEugene Chan
Felix ChanFelix Chan
Flora ChanFlora Chan
Gary ChanGary Chan
George ChanGeorge Chan
Geraldine ChanGeraldine Chan
Gordon ChanGordon Chan
Grace ChanGrace Chan
Helen ChanHelen Chan
Henry ChanHenry Chan
Ian ChanIan Chan
Irene ChanIrene Chan
Iris ChanIris Chan
Jacky ChanJacky Chan
Jacob ChanJacob Chan
Jacqueline ChanJacqueline Chan
James ChanJames Chan
Jamie ChanJamie Chan
Janice ChanJanice Chan
Jasmine ChanJasmine Chan
Jason ChanJason Chan
Jeffrey ChanJeffrey Chan
Jen ChanJen Chan
Jennie ChanJennie Chan
Jennifer ChanJennifer Chan
Jenny ChanJenny Chan
Jerry ChanJerry Chan
Jimmy ChanJimmy Chan
Joe ChanJoe Chan
Joey ChanJoey Chan
Johnny ChanJohnny Chan
Jonathan ChanJonathan Chan
Jorge ChanJorge Chan
Joseph ChanJoseph Chan
Josephine ChanJosephine Chan
Joy ChanJoy Chan
June ChanJune Chan
Karen ChanKaren Chan
Kate ChanKate Chan
Katherine ChanKatherine Chan
Keith ChanKeith Chan
Kelvin ChanKelvin Chan
Ken ChanKen Chan
Kenneth ChanKenneth Chan
Kent ChanKent Chan
Kevin ChanKevin Chan
Kim ChanKim Chan
Kristen ChanKristen Chan
Kylie ChanKylie Chan
Lauren ChanLauren Chan
Lawrence ChanLawrence Chan
Lee ChanLee Chan
Leo ChanLeo Chan
Linda ChanLinda Chan
Lisa ChanLisa Chan
Mabel ChanMabel Chan
Mandy ChanMandy Chan
Marco ChanMarco Chan
Marcus ChanMarcus Chan
Maria ChanMaria Chan
Martin ChanMartin Chan
Matt ChanMatt Chan
Matthew ChanMatthew Chan
May ChanMay Chan
Mel ChanMel Chan
Melissa ChanMelissa Chan
Melvin ChanMelvin Chan
Mercedes ChanMercedes Chan
Michael ChanMichael Chan
Michelle ChanMichelle Chan
Missy ChanMissy Chan
Natalie ChanNatalie Chan
Nathan ChanNathan Chan
Nelson ChanNelson Chan
Nicholas ChanNicholas Chan
Nick ChanNick Chan
Oliver ChanOliver Chan
Oscar ChanOscar Chan
Patrick ChanPatrick Chan
Perry ChanPerry Chan
Phoebe ChanPhoebe Chan
Phyllis ChanPhyllis Chan
Polly ChanPolly Chan
Priscilla ChanPriscilla Chan
Ramsey ChanRamsey Chan
Raymond ChanRaymond Chan
Richard ChanRichard Chan
Rob ChanRob Chan
Ron ChanRon Chan
Rosalie ChanRosalie Chan
Ross ChanRoss Chan
Roy ChanRoy Chan
Ryan ChanRyan Chan
Sam ChanSam Chan
Samantha ChanSamantha Chan
Samuel ChanSamuel Chan
Sandy ChanSandy Chan
Sharon ChanSharon Chan
Sherry ChanSherry Chan
Shirley ChanShirley Chan
Sidney ChanSidney Chan
Simon ChanSimon Chan
Stanley ChanStanley Chan
Stella ChanStella Chan
Stephanie ChanStephanie Chan
Stephen ChanStephen Chan
Steven ChanSteven Chan
Susan ChanSusan Chan
Sylvia ChanSylvia Chan
Tanya ChanTanya Chan
Tara ChanTara Chan
Terry ChanTerry Chan
Tiffany ChanTiffany Chan
Timmy ChanTimmy Chan
Tony ChanTony Chan
Tracy ChanTracy Chan
Vanessa ChanVanessa Chan
Vicky ChanVicky Chan
Victoria ChanVictoria Chan
Vincent ChanVincent Chan
Viv ChanViv Chan
Walter ChanWalter Chan
Wendy ChanWendy Chan
Wesley ChanWesley Chan
William ChanWilliam Chan
Winnie ChanWinnie Chan
Yvonne ChanYvonne Chan
Zoe ChanZoe Chan

Family tree research has estimated that the name Chan has been used since the sixteenth century. Research dating back to the sixteenth century gives evidence there was a group of Chan's living in Scarborough. Family tree research indicates in England alone there are 9400 residents with the family name Chan.

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