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Abigail Allan
Abigail Allan
Adam Allan
Adam Allan
Aileen Allan
Aileen Allan
Alex Allan
Alex Allan
Alexander Allan
Alexander Allan
Alison Allan
Alison Allan
Amber Allan
Amber Allan
Amy Allan
Amy Allan
Andrew Allan
Andrew Allan
Andy Allan
Andy Allan
Anna Allan
Anna Allan
April Allan
April Allan
Barbara Allan
Barbara Allan
Barry Allan
Barry Allan
Becky Allan
Becky Allan
Ben Allan
Ben Allan
Bernadette Allan
Bernadette Allan
Bob Allan
Bob Allan
Bobbie Allan
Bobbie Allan
Bradley Allan
Bradley Allan
Brandy Allan
Brandy Allan
Brendan Allan
Brendan Allan
Brett Allan
Brett Allan
Cameron Allan
Cameron Allan
Carl Allan
Carl Allan
Carlie Allan
Carlie Allan
Carly Allan
Carly Allan
Catriona Allan
Catriona Allan

Chantelle AllanChantelle Allan
Charles AllanCharles Allan
Charlotte AllanCharlotte Allan
Chloe AllanChloe Allan
Chris AllanChris Allan
Chrissy AllanChrissy Allan
Christine AllanChristine Allan
Claire AllanClaire Allan
Clare AllanClare Allan
Cody AllanCody Allan
Craig AllanCraig Allan
Dan AllanDan Allan
Daniel AllanDaniel Allan
Danielle AllanDanielle Allan
Danny AllanDanny Allan
Daryl AllanDaryl Allan
Dave AllanDave Allan
David AllanDavid Allan
Derek AllanDerek Allan
Diane AllanDiane Allan
Dominic AllanDominic Allan
Donna AllanDonna Allan
Doug AllanDoug Allan
Douglas AllanDouglas Allan
Elaine AllanElaine Allan
Emma AllanEmma Allan
Evan AllanEvan Allan
Evelyn AllanEvelyn Allan
Faye AllanFaye Allan
Felix AllanFelix Allan
Fiona AllanFiona Allan
Fraser AllanFraser Allan
Gail AllanGail Allan
Gary AllanGary Allan
Gavin AllanGavin Allan
George AllanGeorge Allan
Guy AllanGuy Allan
Hannah AllanHannah Allan
Hayley AllanHayley Allan
Heather AllanHeather Allan
Ian AllanIan Allan
Irene AllanIrene Allan
Jack AllanJack Allan
Jacqueline AllanJacqueline Allan
Jacqui AllanJacqui Allan
James AllanJames Allan
Jamie AllanJamie Allan
Janine AllanJanine Allan
Jean AllanJean Allan
Jeanette AllanJeanette Allan
Jennifer AllanJennifer Allan
Jenny AllanJenny Allan
Jeremy AllanJeremy Allan
Jim AllanJim Allan
Jodie AllanJodie Allan
Johanna AllanJohanna Allan
John AllanJohn Allan
Jonny AllanJonny Allan
Josh AllanJosh Allan
Justin AllanJustin Allan
Katherine AllanKatherine Allan
Katie AllanKatie Allan
Katrina AllanKatrina Allan
Katy AllanKaty Allan
Kayleigh AllanKayleigh Allan
Kelly AllanKelly Allan
Keri AllanKeri Allan
Kerry AllanKerry Allan
Kevin AllanKevin Allan
Kieran AllanKieran Allan
Kim AllanKim Allan
Kimberley AllanKimberley Allan
Kirsty AllanKirsty Allan
Kris AllanKris Allan
Laura AllanLaura Allan
Lauren AllanLauren Allan
Leah AllanLeah Allan
Lee AllanLee Allan
Liam AllanLiam Allan
Lindsay AllanLindsay Allan
Lisa AllanLisa Allan
Liz AllanLiz Allan
Lorna AllanLorna Allan
Louise AllanLouise Allan
Lucy AllanLucy Allan
Lyndsay AllanLyndsay Allan
Mabel AllanMabel Allan
Marc AllanMarc Allan
Marcia AllanMarcia Allan
Marissa AllanMarissa Allan
Mark AllanMark Allan
Martha AllanMartha Allan
Martin AllanMartin Allan
Mat AllanMat Allan
Matt AllanMatt Allan
Michael AllanMichael Allan
Michele AllanMichele Allan
Michelle AllanMichelle Allan
Mike AllanMike Allan
Mindy AllanMindy Allan
Molly AllanMolly Allan
Natasha AllanNatasha Allan
Nicholas AllanNicholas Allan
Nicola AllanNicola Allan
Oli AllanOli Allan
Paul AllanPaul Allan
Paula AllanPaula Allan
Pauline AllanPauline Allan
Peter AllanPeter Allan
Phil AllanPhil Allan
Philippa AllanPhilippa Allan
Rachael AllanRachael Allan
Rachel AllanRachel Allan
Rhys AllanRhys Allan
Richard AllanRichard Allan
Ricky AllanRicky Allan
Rikki AllanRikki Allan
Rob AllanRob Allan
Robert AllanRobert Allan
Rochelle AllanRochelle Allan
Rosie AllanRosie Allan
Ross AllanRoss Allan
Rudy AllanRudy Allan
Sam AllanSam Allan
Samantha AllanSamantha Allan
Sara AllanSara Allan
Sarah AllanSarah Allan
Scott AllanScott Allan
Sharon AllanSharon Allan
Simon AllanSimon Allan
Sophie AllanSophie Allan
Spencer AllanSpencer Allan
Steph AllanSteph Allan
Stephanie AllanStephanie Allan
Stephen AllanStephen Allan
Steve AllanSteve Allan
Steven AllanSteven Allan
Stu AllanStu Allan
Suzanne AllanSuzanne Allan
Tamara AllanTamara Allan
Tim AllanTim Allan
Tom AllanTom Allan
Toni AllanToni Allan
Tracy AllanTracy Allan
Tyrone AllanTyrone Allan
Victoria AllanVictoria Allan
Wayne AllanWayne Allan
Will AllanWill Allan

The surname Allan dates back to nearly 500 years ago. Family tree research indicates in the United Kingdom there are approximately 8800 residents with this family name. The 1921 UK census recorded increased adoption of the surname Allan. The average life exectancy of a Allan is 105 years.

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